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I expected Vincent Price´s laugh from Thriller at the end of the vid.
But yeah..is it something no one has ever been able to proof (a ghost) or was it simply a shadow of the crew which is much more likely?
I´ll go with shadow of crew before i go with the supernatural.

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It´s not easy for me to support the Palestinains when you look who they vote for.
But if a Palestinian wasn´t a radical he would become radical as the soldiers and checkpoints and armored bulldozers go to work on land and houses your family has lived on for hundreds of years. And then some French speaking Jewish settlers arrive from Marseille to go and live on that land.
That would turn even the most gentle and friendliest of persons into a raving lunatic with a suicide belt.

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Israel has the luxury to ask these ¨maybe¨ questions unlike the Palestinians.
The Palestinians are getting killed,starved,and there lands stolen from under them.
All on the basis of a 2000 year old book.
Imagine if I were to claim as my home some place that my parens lived 2000 years ago.
It´s utterly ridiculous, madness to the extreme.
So while destruction of Israel is still a question mark the ungoing destruction of Palestine is very real.