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"this law"??? It shouldn't be a fucking law in the first place!

This basically codifies and legalizes the fascists state, while protecting the overlords from criticism of any sort. It's absurd - and I hope some patriot installs several 50 cal sniper rounds into Brady's noggin.

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I apologize Herb. Sometimes I get carried away with my hatred for the Imperium that it is transfered to unintended recipients.

Lo ciento

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ALL a governor has to do is say "NO". The law is pretty clearcut and really can't be misinterpreted.

As a matter of fact, all ANYONE needs to do in defiance of the Federal Government, in ANY aspect of central control, is to simply say "NO" and await a court judgement.

Unless Congress declares WAR or the president declares MARTIAL LAW, then ALL final decisions rest with the STATES. Did i miss something??? I'm not American but i know something of your system.

The reality, of course, is that your government now works for Israhell and the corporate plutocracy that is composed of your national security state infrastructure/Imperium.

I.E. Complete and total FASCISM disguised as "democracy". Gotta hand it to'em, sly mofos!

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Iran is a blossoming democracy, that is why the US hates them, as Kaveh L Afrasiabi establishes:


"Rhetoric aside, the Barack Obama administration has shown a great deal of continuity with the George W Bush administration, by pursuing, in part via its Iran point man, Dennis Ross, the diplomatic track of bifurcating the region into "moderate" and "radical" camps. The former includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, with Iran, Syria, Hamas in Palestine and Lebanon's Hezbollah in the other camp.

The election for the 10th president of Islamic Republic exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of putting the considerably more democratic Iran below authoritarian Arab monarchies, as there is nothing "moderate" about the repression of women or Shi'ite minorities in Saudi Arabia, no matter how Washington spins it.

More than the nuclear issue, what the conservative oil sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf fear is Iran's brand of Islamist democracy that has mobilized masses of Iranians. The long-demobilized and politically docile populations in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) could use Iran as a reference society and question the legitimacy of their archaic and tribal political systems that are perpetuated by the US for the sake of geo-economic and geostrategic interests."

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"unexpected defeat of the Hezbollah-led coalition"

"Unexpected"??? Have a look at Lebanon's absurd and Racist electoral system that gives the "Christian" side preference and is based on a 1930's census!

In a straight up nation wide vote Hezbollah would mop the fucking floor with the US puppets. If the constitution allowed a one-man-one-vote (and did not MANDATE that the president be a "Christian") direct election, then Hassan Nasrallah would be president in a LANDSLIDE.

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Interesting the timely suicide-by-security guard event at the "Holocaust" Museum...just in time to divert attention, and complete with a testimonial Plant in the form of Maria Hernandez ("We were in the exhibit 'Remember the Children'"). Not unlike that Canadian actor/engineering expert interviewed on 9/11 - http://dangenbrack.wordpress.com/2009/05/27/gotch...

Get ready for the "Holocaust Denial" and "Hate Crimes" laws, already written up by AIPAC, to be enacted by your Israeli Occupied Government.

It won't be long now before an article like this lands Raimondo in a deep super-max dungeon.

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Oh puhleez, give your fucking heads a shake! "Alexandrovna" is just another anti-Russian Z_ionist crackpot no better than the Florida anti-Castro, anti-Chavez, rabid fucking loons - her idiotic "memories" of Soviet Thought Police running after her with polonium filled umbrellas of mass destruction at the ripe old age of 7 are HAIR BRAINED propaganda that even AIPAC, AEI, WINEP, and JINSA would be fucking embarrassed to repeat.

Seriously, give your heads a shake.

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Oh, and if they are SOOOO concerned about women being "trafficked" then should go to fucking ISRAHELL and "KOSOVO" where the (J)ewish mobs run their WORLD-WIDE slavery-prostitution-paedophilia cartels from - with "storefronts" in Hollywood, California.

Oh, but let's not talk about THAT.

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So, what's the big deal? They were PROBABLY there to SPY or otherwise SOW INSURRECTION.

If it were me, there wouldn't have been a 12 year sentence, there would have been a firing squad.

But i guess since they worked for the Sainted Al Gore, they MUST be "innocent".

Wake up.

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Iran needs to OPT OUT of the bullshit NPT, make a few hundred Deliverable nukes, and basically tell the US and Israhell to more or less, you know, go fuck themselves.

That is what i would do.