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It's too hard to say how Pav played. I thought Bournmouth were dreadful opposition for us. I would definitely give Rose more chances next season, this lad looks fearless, sharp, and hungry. I do believe Pav will stay, but Keane is definitely gone.

Not much to do really. A solid CB along with Belamy and Cole should do it !!!

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Great news....the lad has a bit of baggage and apparantly not that liked. He reminds me of Roy Keane in a strange way, a bit of perfectionist and throws it out of the pram if he doesn't get the right pass. Baggage worth having nonetheless.

I am sure any of the top six would take him in an instant. The major advantage we have is that he will be playing for HR again. Bring it on !!!

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Have to say that is the first logo I've seen other than HOSLTEN that makes a jersey look class.....very impressed well done DL

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He should have a fair idea. Got enough stick when he visited us :-)

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That's what it smacks of. Cyprus Goon if you shake the sand out of your brain you would have overlooked that Liverpool got close to €20m from Chartered.......and they are NOT in the CL. It is however a ridiculous strategy if true. I would be expected to buy 3 home shirts and possibley one away....not a hope in hell. And then if I don't, my PL jersey would look dated when watching a cup game or CL game.

I am sure it is not April 1st tomorrow, but I better check nonetheless !!!

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Go On Joe Spencer I remember my first visit, awesome, only please tell me you meant White Hart Lane :-)

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Fair play Cathcher, excellent pointers. I do nonetheless think that he has matured as a person since, although he can be injury prone. I suppose the underlined question would be, who would you rather have?, O'Hara or Parker? Is this a move forward ?

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Capello sounds like my boss :-) Parker is an old school type of player. Loyal, workhorse mentality, strong, and dependable. This would be a great coup should it happen. Levy will you get your finger out and sign up Redknapp long term for God's sake.

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A change of subject just for now. What the hell is going on with the Redknapp to Liverpool jibes?

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So what are we saying here ? He hasn't signed a new contract, has praised Moyes and that's it. Is he coming or going ?