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Patrick, very well said as usual. And, speaking as a fellow OATS member, I completely agree with every point you made. Like you, we have a disclosure at JAMM which is very plain, simple, and transparent. We do not accept monetary compensation for reviews. We do accept samples which are loaned or given to us for the purpose of the review, but we will always tell you when that is the case. Then, the reader is free to make their own decisions. Why that is so difficult for some sites to grasp is really beyond my understanding.

I also agree with your assesment about smaller developers. Frankly, I love working with the "garage band" developers and hobbiests.

Finally, thanks for the warning about your experience with Intense Debate. We had been looking into some new comment systems, and I suppose we will take a pass on giving this one another try. :)

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I completely agree, Brandon. Headphones are a peripheral. They should not control the device. For one thing, iPod headphones, like most included headphones suck. If I can't use my Ultimate Ears with it, then I am not biting. Plus, what happens if you lose these headphones? now you have to shell out how much to replace the crappy OEM headphones?? This is a stupid decision. Just terrible.


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The controls in the headphone cable is ridiculous and stupid. I never use the headphones that come with any of my devices. And the ones apple includes with the iphone are just as crappy as any of the others. Complete garbage.

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Thanks, Twitch.  Glad you like the game.  Honestly, I wish you had a chance to play it on Windows Mobile.  This is one of the rare games which was just much better on Windows Mobile.  Hopefully, the expansion packs should be coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch soon in the form of updates.

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Wayne, one addition I would really like to see is a list of known sex offenders. Tie that into your GPS and you can see where the sex offenders live in your area.

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This Ectaco Reader just looks like a toy with all that red plastic. I agree with Dan, for $300, spend a few more bucks and get the Kindle 2 instead.

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You will have to wait and see. Though it should not be too long. This is the next one on my list, so I am hoping to have it finished next week.

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Great video, Brandon. Fantastic look at the device. :)

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I completely agree with you, Wayne. And I know you and I have talked about this in the past. There was just one site that was particularly annoying me lately. :) But I really never understood this practice. Other than just stealing for the sake of stealing, there does not seem to be much fun and profit involved at all. Then again, I also never understood the practice of flooding my inbox with Viagra ads. I guess i just would not make a very good criminal . :)


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OK, Birdsoft. I have played with this a bit more and the swipe controls are starting to grow on me. i will admit that I did not completely understand how to use them correctly. The more I use them, however, the more I understand how to use them, and the more I like them. :) But the unicorns and rainbows are too much, even for me. :)