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Forever? It sounds as though the Generall is young and romantic. "I'll love you forever" then hop, divorce is in the air.
Phisst General, never say forever...nohing lasts forever, we are just momentary actors on the stage...and it would seel often sleepwalking.

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There hasvenever been any real "peace talks".
It was just that, talk to gain time for annexation of land.
Israel is a taker; it takes what it wants while whining that it is a victim.
If anyone has an extra straight jacket please step forward. Netanyahu needs one !

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Nato wants to "help" again. Everyone wants a finger in the pier but soon therer will be nothing left but sand ...all the humans will be turned into refugie

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Chris Hedges very clearly takes an X-ray of our situation and the evident and inevitable solution...change...or perish.

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The Troika are hovering over the agonizing Greeks like Medevial doctors armed with their scapels on another visit to bleed the “patient” once again.
If the “patient” dies it will be because they didn't bleed him enough, so they will pass on to the next country
The only difference is that they are modern, dressed in Armani, Hermes and Hubris.

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It woud seem that all those who rise to power positions attended the "School of Americas."
We have become collective serial killers, our daily dose of opium to reach outr high being the prospect of the next kill and our self-centered admiration of our unending capacity to destroy.
The countries and lives lying in ruins could all say "We are all Palmyre."

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They are like junkies...everyday they need MORE.
More bombing, more occupations, more regime change, more killing.
The American Empire is now sweeping across the world like Genghis Khan and its religion is DEATH.
And I think they are true believers.
People are still questioning how Hitler rose to power...we see it happening day by day,...the poisoning of the' mind.

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What is the nexy step?
Killing just for fun?

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WE would never do a thing like that.
1 - We are the good guys
2 - If this continues we might be obliged to line everyone up and tap their knuckles with a ruler.

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Meat and mile, heaven and hell, any excuse wll do to see no more of of this nocive creature who absorbs all the oxygen wherever he goes.