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What the hell is wrong with you? No, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

No woman, no matter HOW REPUGNANT HER POLITICAL VIEWS ARE, wishes to be raped. But hey, I guess I'm just a PC thug for expecting that readers of ANTI-WAR would realize that all violent acts -- i.e., rape, war, etc. -- are interconnected.

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"Last spring, Christie responded to the charge that teachers aren’t being compensated for their education and experience by saying they “don’t have to do it.” This is certainly true, but let’s look behind the talking points to the economic implications of this attitude. The perception of inadequate compensation and little appreciation will dissuade people who have invested in education from entering the profession of teaching. Investment does not equal competence, but there is a correlation between focusing on an area and expertise, which in a rational system would make a teacher more valuable. Higher pay means more people competing for jobs, which allows for a better-qualified work force. Satisfaction of teachers can result in a better experience for students who have little choice but to go through the school system."

Yes yes yes yes yes! I've been saying this for awhile now.

When I am thinking about or researching a subject that I love, I get obsessive with it. I want to read everything that's ever been written, I spend hours on Google, and to the dismay of everyone around me, I won't STFU about whatever it is. I'm not the most patient person in the world, but when I'm able to throw myself into a subject I love, I can usually break it down into bite sized chunks. Part of me digs the idea of teaching high school history, but not for the pittance that teachers are paid. Why on Earth would I go another $60K into debt to finish up my bachelors and tack on a masters only to make $50K annually? No way.

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"Ah Marcotte. Every once in a while she writes something I really love. And then she will follow it up with something that makes me want to poke sharp things under my fingernails."

I think that I can deal with her and even like her writing about 10% of the time. The rest of it is just crap that makes me weep over the fact that people will publish her and not me. I never really had an opinion about her until the John Edwards debacle or her "it's a jungle out there" book debacle. (Can't remember which came first.) She's consistently left a bad taste in my mouth since then.

But zomg! she's such a radical! She's pro-choice! She thinks women should vote! Wow, where on Earth would I find anyone in the 21st century who holds those views?

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True that.

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"It is because so many feminists haven't seemed to realize that women have a range of backgrounds and experiences and so you cannot fight for justice for women without also being anti-racist, etc. that feminism has been so full of fail."


Tell me that IntenseDebate lost my comment. I will so scream.

The two basic points were that some of us are changing to change the course of things, but unfortunately, as you guys said above, we're on the extreme and too many of my fellow radical feminists love the state like it's going out of style; also, I'd rather deal with someone who resists the term "feminist" but is actively challenging oppression rather than Amanda Marcotte.

I swear, it sounded a zillion times better when I posted it. I'm annoyed that my comment was eaten. :(

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Keep your chin up, things are going to be different once November hits, because we're going to have a new president...one that can usher in a radically different era of hope and change! The economy will be fixed and everyone will get a pony and that big, bad meaniehead Osama Bin Laden will be dead dead dead. Just remember to vote Obama in Nove... Oh wait, that's right. It's September 2009, NOT 2008.

My bad!