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THe islamofascist thug Bashir will use this referendum as an excuse to go to war, as if the south wasn't already at war with these savages. The south will exist only if they have the means to defend their freedom. This cannot be tolerated by the islamothugs in the north since this would lead to an eventual downfall of their regime. The US should arm them and encourage the oil rich provinces to join the south. This would lead to a confrontation with China that has sustantial oil interests and presence in those provinces. My bet is that the south will be crushed since our lily livered pres does not have the guts to defend freedom.

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Free men have weapons Slaves such as yourself have none. Go on living in your fools paradise happy, Oh yeah - Get back on the meds,

As for the rest of your rant, the only thing I can say is what Cheney told Leahy...

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Expel the muslims from israel. Take the land from the Nile to the Great river Euphrates.
Make Lebanon a Christian nation again. Turn Tehran and Damascus to molten glass. Threaten the remaining Arabs with nuclear destruction. Then the Jews will be able to live in peace,

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One has only to look at the way the Jihadist have rejected every proposal to establish a palestinian homeland with the proviso that Israel also has the right to exist to realise that fairness and wisdom has nothing to do with the Jihadist Goals. The goal is the elimination of the Jews and then the elimination of the Christians and then the elimination of the Hindus. Political Islam is a death cult that needs to be recognized as the greatest enemy of civilization since the Stalinist communists and the Nazis. Until then we are in grave danger. We need to oppose them at every level and expose their lies at every turn.

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Sorry Davarino

I see no signs, none, that anyone is awake to the threats in front of our faces. If anything we are in total denial that we are at war with islam, islamofacism, or Jihadists or anyone else. I fear that it will take much more blood and many more outrages before we awaken the Giant.

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Obama is wirking to the direct detriment of the nations security. The US. has not produced a nuclear weapon since 1989. We currently have no capability to produce new weapons and very limited capability to upgrade the existing weapons. Meanwhile the Russia forges ahead with new weapons and dilivery systems. China is upgrading its capability and soon will be on par iwth the US. Russia and CHina enable it's proxies to develop and threaten the US with nuclear weapons and our CIC dithers and twiddles his thumbs. Obama has effectively stopped any missle defense projects in the wings. I can only pray that 2012 brings a new attitude on strategic defense otherwise we are in for a pasting that we have never imagined.

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Give him a taste of his own remedy....

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That's what it's like crackah, Being ruled by a black man...

Shut yo crackah mouth and get in the back. We's drivin now punk...

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Iranians should not count on any support, verbal or otherwise from our man/child president. If our president had any cajones at all, a slight shove is all it would take to bring down the thugocracy in Tehran. Of course, the puss in chief will sit on the sidelines with thumb inserted in rear as long as possible.

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American Muslims who do not turn their back totally on violence tacitly condone the violence and should be under watch. I am for infiltration of mosques and surveillance of members who promote Jihad. If they are not from this country they should be deported at the first sign of promoting violence. If they take part in violence they should get a one way ticket to Gitmo. Christians should get make a pact with Hindus Buddhists and Jews to suppress Islam at every turn.