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Another Bush Basher, geez. How I would love to have Bush back. He might not have been a great president but at least he loved America, worked hard, wasn't a Communist, wasn't a Muslim and was honest.
Bush was a failure with 41/2 % unemployment, Obama has given us 10%. Bush won the Iraq War. Obama is getting us murdered in Afghanistan. Obama is spending $10 million dollars to go to India with 40 planes, US Naval Ships, patrolling the beach, rented 570 rooms and the country is going broke.

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It looks bad for Obama when AG Eric Holder excuses the New Black Panthers from intimidating voters. So rather than cause a big stink, Obama is sending in Justice Department Officials to do the intimidation for him. Sure better keep an eye on Whitey, who cares that the SEIU frauduently made up 8,000 votes. It's okay because they are making up for past crimes against the Mexicans.

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It's a shame, these people should not be allowed to vote. When we dropped the voting age to 18 we did it because 18 year old kids were dying in Vietnam and believed they deserved to vote. That was okay, any person in the Military should be able to vote. But these 18 year old punks in college don't educate themselves because nothing will change for them, they don't have any stake in our government, so they should have to pass a compentency test before being allowed to vote. Worthless airheads should not be allowed to screw up the country.

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Hillary wants to get away from all of the bloodshed and mayhem when the people start rioting from the Democrats stealing the election.

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WavyChips, you've been drinking too much Obama coolaid. Just how has WS been stealing from people? The only stealing going on is Big Government. Gov. forces us to give them 4% of our earnings plus 4% from our employers and then gives us pennies on the dollar when we retire. And if we happen to die before we retire, they keep it all. It's not Wall Street's job to inform customers of risk, anybody investing thousands of dollars should make sure they know where their money is going and what the risks are.

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To say customers of Goldman Sachs weren't told about the risks involved with their investments is a bunch of crapola. People who invest know there are risks involved, the higher the risk the greater the yield if it pays off. If these people didn't want to assume any risks they should have put their money into a savings account. What about the money we are forced to invest in Social Security, this is the riskiest investment of all and we have no other choice. Would you invest 4% of your lifetime earnings in a product that goes to the government when you die, talking about theft. We should have the option to withdraw every penny we've put into SS plus what our employers matched when we reach retirement age, plus interest. Instead we get completely screwed. I'd rather taken my chances with Goldman Sachs.

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Reality Check, The rest of the World hates our Health System so much they are waiting in long lines, risking life and limb to come to America to use our lousy system. Even the Canadian Prime Minister came to America for surgery in our crummy health system. Andrew, you've been listening to too much MSNBC. The foreign Elite call our system bad because we don't offer free abortion on demand, in fact the Foreign Elite say everything in America is bad.

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It was bad enough when Bush was president but now with Obama being a Muslim himself, we're in a dangerous position. Obama is allowing Muslims regardless where they're from to move around America undetected. Obama wants to keep tabs on Conservatives so Muslims can position themselves to assist him in his takeover of the Nation. Obama and his allies in the Middle East will help the Black Liberation Theologists strip all of the wealth from Whites and hand it to Blacks. Obama will eventually start throwing political opponents in prison, much like his hero Castro.

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These arrogant Democrats are soon going to get theirs. They'll be wishing it was just someone yelling. Frank and the Communist Party he belongs to are going to see who they work for and its not Obama. Time is running out on these pricks. The time is near where we the people take back our government by force and hang everyone of these arrogant jack asses. It is completely obvious they think they can do whatever they want to us, we've had enough. Next on their agenda will be taking over the oil companies and utilities. This way they can keep us from traveling so they can round us up and put us in reeducation camps. They all must be removed NOW

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Jamie, I certainly hope your father's work won't be forgotten, but I'm afraid Communism is on the rise, especially here in America. Once the Marxist have buried the last bastion of freedom the world will shrivel and die. Can you see the whole earth going the way of Zimbabwe. If American's don't educate themselves, and rise to throw out this Democrat Administration we'll be the one's in the Gulags. Obama is already indoctrinating and training his youth Army in our public schools.