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I've heard that Worf was actually intended to just be a background extra at first, like Lt Kyle in TOS or Chief O'Brien on TNG.

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Fritos are corn chips. Doritos, while made from corn, are slightly different.

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It's still there for me on on chrome v29.

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In case this comic ever shows up in a book: sandwich, not sandwhich.

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It's being recorded for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

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Ah yes, approximate pi day.

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Guess we know how big a buffer of strips they have.

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I did a search for Groundhog Day and found a link where someone estimated that he was in the loop for maybe 40 years, and a comment on that thread said that what we think of as "muscle memory" is still something that happens within your mind, so there's no reason to think that he shouldn't be able to bring that over. It was a compelling argument to me.

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Plus, how is his mom going to treat him? He looks just like the guy she had a crush on all those years ago, who they apparently named him after? Talk about some sort of weird reverse-Oedipal complex.

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"He’s trained his mind and body to execute these particular moves, say these particular phrases, dance this completely choreographed 24 hours period all to trick this woman into liking his invented self and posses her fully based on his immortal Sysyphean fixation on her."
Nah, man. That was what he was doing at the midpoint when he tried to recreate the magic of the date where they played in the snow with kids and almost kissed. And the lesson when he failed was that you can't fake something like that. The date that breaks the cycle is not about tricking her. It's about him letting go of trying to trick her and just being real. So I don't see why he should revert to his self-centered ways now that he's out of the loop.

Now that's not to say things are going to be perfect. He's spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of years (the screenwriter thought it may have been in the thousands) in the same situations, he must have insane PTSD from trying to do anything different. His old weatherman life must seem like a distant memory. It's very well possible that he ends up in an insane asylum where he explains that he just doesn't understand why every day has to be different.