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Judging by the effect of that attack , along with the rest of the cinematic, has caused a 64% increase in fangasms as of late. I suggest that we find the source of this sweet science and demand ample supply for every home...

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What the?...

How can a being of yarn even exist? It doesn't make any sense in the scientific or logical sense!!


Goddamn sorcery...

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Ah, the dreaded Wolf Flu, it's become quite an epidemic on this site these past years....
I suggest everyone take these Wolfbane pills twice a day and healthy three square meals to help prevent any symptoms from occurring to you and your families.

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Oh, dear.

I believe this man is suffering from fanboitis, a very common and destructive syndrome that occurs in gaming men and women every year. You can help break this cycle of hatred, ladies and gentlemen. If you or a love one suffers from this illness, please consult your local Drama Hospital and be the help.

Ask your doctor. Know the facts.

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I don't believe so. Internet medical experts say that meme abuse can cause frequent rage issues to the audience around you.

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Dear god, his computer is in shock!!

I need a first aid crew, STAT!!