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Dr Foy,
The homogenization of medical care swims downstream from terror and ignorance of the new scientific complexity. Technology dramatically changes psychiatry everyday, but institutions are looking over their collective shoulders through antique glasses with completely outdated diagnostic terminology based upon inadequately contrived appearances [think ADHD, then think: bipolar]. - And to make speculative matters worse everyone from kids in the street to the past editor of NEJM is a psych expert see: http://www.corepsychblog.com/2011/07/antidepressa...

My question to the antidepressant naysayers: "What are you smoking?"

How can anyone adjust psychiatric medications with diagnostic targets [and associated research] clouded so completely by tilting at phenotypic analysis whilst genotypic assessments, both metaphoric and real, abound in the literature? http://www.corepsychblog.com/2010/02/psychiatric-...

Andrew, my new best friend, we are brothers, it's a pleasure to meet you!

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Hey guys, a little bit away from the totals on the numbers thang, remember you all mentioning this at Fusion, and look forward ultimately joining and learning the secret handshake!
@drcharlesparker on Twitter

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Hey Jeff,
Really appreciate that last short meeting you provided, just before the Holiday... I did an article over at EzineArticles, it was posted automatically, and am enjoying some interesting new tweets as a result! Have a great year, look forward to seeing you again in 09-

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on keywords in Articles: cool answer Jeff, answers a bunch of questions!

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Many thanks Jeff for that excellent idea, and will keep my eyes peeled for the mini teleseminar on titles.

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Met you in LA at Fusion and with Alex, really appreciate your transformational insights, your energy and your practical tips. - This question is about a significantly frustrating problem that has occurred twice now with EzineArticles, and if it has happened to me, other may experience that same set back as well.

I start my work right there on their platform and draft my article carefully with their spell checker, their auto save function, preview it, and hit submit... therein is the rub - the article on one occasion simply disappeared, was gone. On another occasion I was all happy it was done, saw it in the to-be-reviewed list [had two under review already], went to clean up all the saves/drafts I had been working on, and bingo deleted that one somehow. The Big Question is simple: Is there some basic rule I am missing?

After the first loss I saved several articles, then with each went back and submitted them from the saved category. With the last one I felt reassured, it was done, didn't save it, but saw it in the review list, so set about cleaning up my 'work table' and boom...gonesville. My enthusiasm for your plan of many articles is considerably dampened -

Can you help me get past this hump, - this problem of auto rejection?