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That is because agriculture is such a large component. The main challenge for NZ and the world is transport, or rather the expectation of cheap widely available mobility.

In my view irrespective of action on climate the transport paradigm that has become seen as the 'norm' since the 1940s(?) is on its way out. The question then becomes how do we sustain our qualities of life with much restricted mobility.


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Um why are you detrending the data and only looking at short term variability (i.e. the weather)?

Given that you have done this I can answer your question:

The charts show that there is inter-annual varability in global temperature. Which is a bit like saying that water is wet.

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Amazing Grima has just redefined the discipline of time series analysis.

Question how do you know when you are at a peak and not just a ridge?

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There are a few southern states in the U.S. that have laws that I do not like, is it OK to flood them as well?

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I know who I would put on the B Ark.


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The Solow-Swan growth model has been criticised in the economic literature. I suggest C3PO read more than the basic stuff, if he really wants to make authorative arguments on economic theory.

And yes for my sins I have economics training, but place myself in the ecological economics tribe.