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Cal, I had no idea you had such animosity toward Donna Rose, Meghan Stable and the other 90+% percent of post-op people who transitioned late in life! So, if you’re against the ‘late in lifers’ and against the sisters in stealth – just who is it you’re advocating for?..

As for the rest of your assumed description of me, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried, but I thank you for the laugh :-)

‘slimy viper’, really?... is this how you feel mainstream society views transsexuals?
Calpernia, I am sorry – someone or something (beyond Barry’s death) must have hurt you very deeply for you to view ‘your own kind’ with such jealousy and disdain. I hope you’re able to get the help you need to work through these issues.

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5. People are judged by the company they keep, that’s just human nature. Those you look down your nose at for associating with straight mainstream society are simply returning the view when they see a post-op woman sharing the bill of a drag show with a ‘Detox-i-Cunt’.

6. As you diss and dismiss the ‘comfortable lives’ of those in stealth, remember we’re the ones with good jobs/careers who donate the money that allows activists to do what they do. And If you think stealth (or Corporate America) is so easy and cushy, then stop asking for donations and get a real job.

7. Your use of the word ‘Twaat’ is crass and tasteless – something I would not expect from ‘an activist for the transgender community’.


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3. You said “If Mr. I’ve-just-met-you says, “You must’ve been a very cute little girl.” I will probably reply something along the lines of, “Well, I certainly wanted to be.’ And there it is! Rather than simply saying ‘thank you’ to someone’s casual and compliment, you somehow feel obligated to display your history. Even if this mythical man had inquired into your gender history, it’s none of his business. As for ‘the truth’ – if a friend asks if something they cooked tastes good are you going respond with a white lie to save their feelings or be ‘truthful’ and say ‘well it certainly was supposed to’.
4. The personal achievements of those of us in stealth are not to your credit or any of the abrasive drag queens and picketing transsexuals you speak of – they are ours alone. We deal with our bosses, friends, families and spouses one on one - hence, ‘stealth’.

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Okay Calpernia, may I submit a short rebuttal?... here are my 7 points of redress:

1. Living in stealth does not imply a hatred of self or other transsexuals anymore than Bill Cosby or Oprah have a hatred of African Americans because they dislike the N word.

2. Before you throw the ‘old transsexuals who transitioned in the 60’s-70’s-80’s’ under the bus as archaic remember two things: (a) these are the sisters who paved the way for you and other activists today, and (b), we can do simple math and know how old you are.