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#2, 3, & 4: As hard as it is to imagine there are still people who are new to blogging.

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I'll be back, have to head right out to core community...

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gotta love stuff Christians like...
lots of funny things happening there...

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Wow! I really like that idea. We do dramatic readings and reading of scripture, but I don' t think we have tried reading the actual scripture that the song originates from.
I always get excited when I am rading and "find' another song that has been written from the Scripture.
Love it!

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Same here. I'd be intersted in how the lsit of 100 works for you and your team.

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Nice classics.

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I also have to say I really like the mix, the diversity of your choices.

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I can so identify. I just smile and nod.
Not to be mean, generally I find my self thinking…especially if they start with a statement at “my old church”, then they need to go back to their old church.
We are specifically designed to reach the unbelieving skeptic. That is our primary vision. That is what God has called us to do. I often wonder why they started coming to our church, if they don’t like the music.
One time my mother visited and made a comment to someone she didn’t particularly like the music (too loud for her) and he gently responded that it wasn’t design for her.
There are plenty of churches out there that could meet the need of a believer. Let them go there.
So I simply smile and nod.
And you know what, I NEVER here a skeptic say that…
Keep doing what you do. What God calls you to do…