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This boat burning also reminds me of the time I wanted to throw up during Steve Siebold/Bill Gove's "Tiger Program". Yes, that was me, if you ever heard Steve talk about me. It was a Mental Toughness program where we had to make 50 calls per week for 8 weeks (most of them cold calls). I made all the calls but I kept hitting bottom each week then suddenly, started to achieve. By the end of the 8 week program, I scored high every week and received "The Most Improved Tiger Award" from Steve and Bill. Over 3,000 people clapping and a standing ovation on stage was definitely a thrill for me to see and watch. Although it was hard in the beginning, I never lost the momentum. Great coaching, a worthy goal, mental toughness, a plan of action and perseverance got me to the end zone. Besides, throwing up is for losers. I knew I was a Winner! (Hmm, sounds like an article in the making here Jeff!)

Donna Marie Laino (Woo-Hoo!)
Philadelphia Tiger

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Yes, burning your OWN boats does give you the strength to keep going toward the goal. I am reminded by a previous motivational video from your friend the football coach where the player carried a teammate on his back crawling blindfolded to the "50 yard line". Burning the boats makes you get to the 100 yd line end zone. Imagine how great that feels when it is over. Maybe I should record this and play it back in my sleep. Thanks Jeff for sharing this.

Woo-Hoo from Philadelphia.