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I think we should give Obamacare a chance. Just because the IRS uses its power to deprive the ruling party's political opposition of money while facilitating the flow of dollars into the pockets of its allies doesn't mean the IRS will use its power to deprive the ruling party's political opposition of health care while facilitating access to medical resources by its allies. I mean, just because your death is good for Obama because you'll stop voting and the death tax can seize your savings doesn't mean Obama won't give you the same level of service as he'll deliver to his cronies. What sort of paranoid mind could suggest that Obama doesn't support equal treatment under the law? Anyone who thinks that should have their taxes audited and their health care cut to the bone!

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This would be less hypocritical if it were not in sharp contrast to the Obamacare mandates being imposed upon Christian religious institutions regarding the providing of abortifacients and similar violations of church dogma. Seems that some religions are to be accommodated and others are to be beaten into submission.

As with the latest IRS guidelines about who to stonewall and who to audit, Obama has implemented a new, extreme template of unequal treatment under the law. It's ironic that the first black president chooses to make himself a retrograde symbol of increasing inequality. So much for "progress".

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"The subsidies for EV's were written by a Republican senator from Tennessee, approved by a Republican congress and signed by George W. Bush to lower US trade deficits by replacing foreign oil with US sourced electricity. Replacing foreign oil with US made electricity will ultimately lower tax burdens beyond the payroll, sales and corporate taxes paid, plus jobs created, by EV makers."

Just because something was done by Republicans doesn't mean it's good or should be rubber-stamped by "conservatives". Indeed, that's the reason the budget went to hell under GWB; the Republican water-carriers didn't raise objections because the offense was being perpetrated by the home team. Seems that most people in Washington lose sight of any goal beyond jockeying for power, and to hell with the country.

I certainly applaud the general goals of securing American energy independence and utilizing renewable resources. This serves to bolster ecological and economic and national security needs; something for everyone! But the devil is in the details. The subsidies tend to mask wastage. If we pay many thousands of dollars of public money to save one thousand dollars of personal oil consumption, we've taken more resources out of the system than we've put into it. The resources that went into making those batteries must be weighed against the savings, but we hide that. The politicians just trumpet one end of the equation and we all feel good, but we haven't solved any fundamental problems and are still broke. Got to look at the big picture!

Bottom line is the Tesla is a luxury car for rich people, and we're not going to improve the ecology or save the nation by pouring public money into it.

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It's politically impossible to stop the spending, because the screams that come when the spending slows are louder than the calls for fiscal balance and sanity. And everyone knows they can't raise taxes enough to pay for the spending, because that would cause the economy to slow even more. So the solution that these reasonable, moral people come to is that we must all sacrifice our children to the great god Washington. And anyone who disagrees must be a mean-spirited racist, because no reasonable person would hesitate to sacrifice his children (or your children) for the benefit of the political cronies of the day.

That the men and women of Washington are sick in the head and sick in the soul is so obvious that I shouldn't have to point it out.

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Indeed it was the earning of that $7823 that turned her into a mother.

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The fundamental problem is too many voters are feel insulated from the negative practical consequences of bad policy. Unemployed? Get a government check! Health problem? Government will get you a doctor! Hungry? Government food! So who cares if government makes everything worse, as long as you're spared the pain of a worsening world. It's a sort of mental leprosy

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I'd never discussed politics with my doctor, but he was talking about Obamacare with serious concern. The quick summary was, from his perspective, it inserted a lot of micromanagement into his practice and impeded his ability to work freely with patients. He noted that a lot of people figured they were good at navigating bureaucratic waters so they didn't expect to find their medical options limited and controlled, but those people were in for an unpleasant surprise.

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Seems that Obama's taking a lesson from Sharpton's book, and trying to give us Freddy's Fashion Mart on a national scale. So much for uniting the nation and healing old wounds.

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I thought this clip was composed of actual footage from the raid. It looked so real!

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Your history is backwards. Ask anyone that lived through the 1970's and 1980's.

I don't really care what the 400 wealthiest Americans have. As long as ordinary people can make a decent living and lead a decent life, the fact that someone else has a lot more than me is irrelevant. With respect to the concentration of wealth and power, I worry much more about Washington, which has vastly more power, and is vastly stupider in its use of it. Every crisis is an excuse for Washington to assume greater control. This ought to worry everyone, right or left. Probably most people think either our last president or our current president was or is a dangerous moron or worse. Keep that in mind when the president gathers ever more power. Maybe you like the guy, but the next one will probably be another dangerous moron. Robber barons come and go, but Washington just gets fatter and stupider.