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Wow! This is by far the best giveaway I've seen this season. I will definitely be joining this one. :)

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My current backup system is actually a combination of two approaches.

The first approach is concerned with backing up current projects. For this I use Dropbox. I simply put current project materials, which are organized in different workspace folders, inside my Dropbox folder. This way, as I work on the project materials that I have, Dropbox immediately syncs all the changes that I've made (as well as keeping track of the history of all the revisions, in case I would want to revert to a previous version of a certain document) onto a remote server. It's very convenient because I don't even have to think about backing up any of the files - Dropbox kindly takes care of that for me while it's working in the background; also, this simplifies syncing between my Tower PC and my Tablet into simple matter of turning the computer on and going online. The fact that it is relatively easy to share folders with my coworkers (collaboration made easy!), and that Dropbox Sync works fairly well with TrueCrypt containers are very big pluses. I also use SyncToy to echo my Dropbox folder onto a 4GB flash drive, in case the Internet Fails (hey, it could happen).

The second approach is concerned with backing up non-current material, for instance from past projects, and private files. For my work documents I use 7-zip to compress unwieldy sets of folders into tiny (or at least tinier) archives; I have to do this regularly lately as I only have a relatively small-ish external drive (120 GB). For the sake of playing it safe, I also upload important files onto various online backup services (ex. ADrive, Skydrive, etc.). Personal files, like photos, my OneNote sribbles, my (juvenile) ArtRage Paintings (which are conveniently stored in a TrueCrypt container) are echoed to the same external hardrive using SyncToy.

I would love, love, LOVE to have the FreeAgent drives - wow, BOTH! - because they would allow me the luxury of not having to spend too much time agonizing about how to free up space in my poor, filled-to-the-brim, 120 GB drive! I'd make my old 120GB the default medium for my private files, and the 500 GB (*drool*) FreeAgent Go would become the home of all of my past projects. With all that room, I'll have no qualms about installing another OS in there (or a handful of OSes), in case my primary Windows Install quits on me. And the one Terabyte Drive? No more 7-zip-ing (which, while wonderfully useful is unfortunately quite time and resource consuming) for a while! I'll just copy everything there, no questions asked! It's also big enough to serve as a repository for all the softwares-on-DVD that I have - I'll just make ISO copies and mount them virtually from the FreeAgent Desk. The luxury of having redundant copies with no doubt allow me to sleep easier at night.