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"How do you get skeptics involved?"

You don't.

Trying to get someone to like social networking is like trying to get someone to like a sport. If I were to try to convince someone that, say, Australian rules football was a fantastic game and they should like it, too, I'm going to have a crummy success rate.

I cannot make someone like Aussie rules football. This is particularly true in North America, because there's no context for the sport, no environment or common reference points. I can't really convey what it's like to ride the trams in Melbourne on a wintery Saturday afternoon and know who's playing at the MCG because of the scarves people are wearing, any more than I can convey how I find leads to interesting ideas on teaching or research by Twitter or blogging.

Another problem is that a skeptic has the unassailable critique: "Waste of time." And it's unassailable because it's almost true. Social networking is incredibly inefficient. You have to trudge through a lot of rubbish to find the good stuff, and to develop a reputation as someone worth listening to.

The only thing you can do is lead by example.

P.S. - I am a hypocrite, because I wrote an article in the last International Society for Neuroethology newsletter titled, "Neuroethology needs bloggers."

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"Are departments/universities really so hard up for money that they can't cover three more months salary for a grad student?"


The undergrad enrollment in our department went up over 50% in the last decade, but our department got a 0% budget increase in that time. We have insane difficulties trying to support a small fraction of our master's students.

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Although this article makes them seem ubiquitous, not all graduate programs have rotations.

Anyone have any data on the proportion of graduate programs with rotations versus without?