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Just because games can be art means every game is trying to be art.

As Graveyard Duck pointed out, the Movie industry is concidered an artestic industry...but a lot would argue that not every film is art. Would you really want to put "Human Centipede" up on a pedestal equal to "The Birth of Venus"? Do you think "Saw 4" is anyway comparable to "Citizen Kane"?

Do you think a game Like "Bastion" is anything like "Gears of War"? Or is a Game like "Black ops 2" anything like "Braid"?

Games don't need to be art all the time. We can still have our mindless shooters. I wouldn't want all my options in games to be Pretentious art crap. I would want to at times crack open a game like Anarchy Reigns and go nuts beating the shit out of things.

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Here ya go

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Well the angel would move closer if the angel would be capable of seeing them. Otherwise they wouldn't know they are there.

My question is If a Weeping angel is covered in Vashta Nerada. Does the angel survive if they look away or does the swarm get chronoported away...ether would be scary options.

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[youtube lHOVRhN5yTA youtube]

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Alright fellas CUT it out. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we want an END to these horrible sword puns.

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Wow Brint sounded almost exactly like Andrew there...

...Why does that scare me...

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pssh. I am so pissed off that that is getting so much freaking attention. Its totally done with motion capture and not even adjustments were put in. The movement on the Engie's are just plain slopy the only good part is the ending with all the destruction.

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Its a sssssssssssshame he didn't bump into a creeper. That would have been a monumental reaction.

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Fun fact: also made by me.