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Those biker shirts with "If you can read this, the bitch fell off" printed on the back. Also the ones with arrows pointing to "The Man /The Legend", but haven't seen them around lately.

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I love the pale colours, the strip stands out from the current timeline but doesn't go all Lo-Fijinksy. A more familiar flashback tone such as sepia or grayscale would maybe too obvious, but that's just my opinion.

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I'm excited!
It's been interesting to see the comic change, not just the development in art but in your storytelling skills as well. I love the longer arcs, keen to see what the addition of Kiddo brings to them!

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Now that Capaldi is the Doctor, I find myself wishing they'd change the showrunner too, to Armando Iannucci. More bollocking, less mystery girls wrapped in sexism, please.

But yeah, opinions. I've never been that active about my fandomy thoughts online, save occasional commenting here and some ancient LJ ranting. These days I'm content with expressing my views (or god forbid, "feels") on tumblr by reblogging something about something and tag-bombing the shit out of it. Pretty much anything I have got to say has been said already, so I'll just find the post most fitting my take on things.

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I wonder if white men in tights is a superhero thing because many of the iconic characters were created such a long time ago? I don't really know as I don't read that many superhero comics (except Hawkguy, it's great, bro), but Marvel's Miles Morales and Miss America Chavez don't exactly have +40 years of history, do they? (Feel free to inform me of their origins, super fans!)

Anyhow, I think the most diverse comic I read is Chew. Then again it's creator-owned Image insanity about food-related...powers (nothing super about some of them), without a cape in sight.

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Chuck, anyone? They were sorta prepared for the axe, the season 2 finale could have been a... well, not maybe a perfect ending, but an ending nevertheless. The show got renewed but I can't compare its actual ending to s2 because at some point I lost interest or something. It was fun to watch but nothing to obsess over, maybe I'll watch the rest if I have nothing else to do.

As for Community, a friend promised to have an introductory season 1 marathon with me if I swore to never watch season 4, nor acknowledge its existence.

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My dad went to see Skyfall before me. He was going to say something about it but
I told him to shut up, because a mere mention of him liking it or not would tell me many things, as I know his taste in movies.

At the moment Star Trek Into Darkness is the only film I'm spoiler-shielding myself as I got to see Iron Man 3 last weekend. I should just go tumblr-free until I've seen it. I don't watch trailers online, but mere seconds after any new material comes out, there's a saturated gif set, fan art, frame by frame analysis and crossover with Supernatural or something. Tumblr savior is a thing, sure, but it only works if people tag their posts properly.

I'm going to see the Great Gatsby, but I read the book and Kate Beaton's strips, so the only thing internet can spoil for me is the level of trainwreck.

As for Superman, I saw a Man of Steel teaser in the cinema and at first thought it was a gritty fishing drama, The Perfect Storm 2 or something.

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Skipped Oscars this year, not regretting it, but perhaps I should catch up with the bit where Daniel Day-Lewis wins everything.
I do adore DD-L, though I always wonder how much of a Method man he was back in the eighties when he played a gay thug in My Beautiful Laundrette..

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Caught an early episode about something horrid in a plane, then watched a season finale because it had like a minute of Leonard Nimoy, but otherwise I haven't really watched Fringe.
I've heard good things of it though, from here and everywhere, so if I were to start watching it now, should I just pretend there are only four seasons?

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Does anyone remember it? I don't want do remember it, and I bet the makers wouldn't either.