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But Equestria is a hidden Canadian province. That's why we get the new issue figurines first and why they're all so nice to each other.

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Valentine Michael Smith in Robert E. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. I was 12 and had just gotten my "Adult" library card and it was the first Heinlein I'd read that wasn't a YA novel.
Power and naivete; ecology and fascism; circumstance and destiny: holding paradoxes in my mind expanded it, and in the center was Michael, who grokked, and then I grokked too.

P.S. Wow, spell check knows "grokked".

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Step 1. Find pants....

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Joel, you positively 'jaunty" in that first panel. Are you okay? Unwell? Are you being held somewhere against your will? Do you need rescue? Draw 2 circles on your backpack for "yes" and 3 circles for "no".

Really, though, I'm glad if the character demeanor matches the real-life one. I've just been listening to the released after shows and their accompanying podcast episodes. You've dropped a lot of snark and shoulder chips somewhere. Good for you.

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I didn't realize until today's side-of-the-head view that Gracie wore glasses. Part of that is my vision problems. Don't notice the frames in most panels, though.

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"Angular Momentum" should have been the title according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. I have not seen the movie and likely won't.

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When graduating university, I went out and bought TWO business suits to replace the one I had since grade 8 graduation/family wedding season.

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There's a lot of dust in this comic. Yup, it's dust. Must be coming in from the new store construction.

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I'm in, and I know you were waiting with bated breath for my opinion, right? Right? Joel? Joel? Anyone?