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The problem with sexual harrassment is that it is often open to interpretation by the "victim". An offer of drinks after work is not considered sexual harrassment is the women is interested.

The best solution is don't hire women and don't talk to women at work. They're trouble!

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The popularization of cougar culture and the sexual peak myth are intended to normalize middle aged sluttiness and sex with younger men.

For older men and younger women, it's still just creepy.

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I'm hoping that Macleans doesn't just become another feminist bullhorn spouting cherry picked statistics and issues with the glass ceiling, while completely ignoring the glass basement that men are stuck in.

IMO, feminists have destroyed expectations of traditional relationships and men are unwilling to commit because of inequality in relationships and the destructive bias of family law. Now, women have to compete even more for men and that means sex and sexuality.

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Alex, I suggest that you and your feminist allies engage in intelligent debate rather than continuing your campaign of slandering your detractors.

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The statistics on Domestic Violence show that it is nearly gender neutral with women more often the victims of severe physical violence (a small percentage) and the CDC study shows that 70% of Domestic Violence is reciprocal. There is no access (except for the shelters mentioned by Mike Murphy) for most male victims of domestic violence, while the majority of female clients at shelters have few or no physical injuries, only stories.

Considering the Family Law statistics that in over 90% of disputed custody cases, full custody is awarded to the mother and that domestic violence against women is taken very seriously, while male victims are ignored. It only seems obvious that many female perpetrators of domestic violence are using the courts to further punish their victims.

It is not in the best interest of anyone, especially children, to give full custody to abusive women with a vengeance. Ignoring male victims and female perpetrators of domestic violence only perpetuates the cycle of family violence which is taught to children.

Feminism is quickly losing credibility in Canada because of the discrimination that it supports.

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That's nothing compared to the huge payout for divorced mothers in Canada.

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Maybe in 65 years men will be equal and no longer discriminated against in Canadian Family Law and domestic violence treatment.

The male suicide rate is four times that of women. Why doesn't anybody care about this?