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Ed, I love ya, but why the animosity towards Glenn Beck? Can't you see that we (and tens of millions of others) are all on the same page?

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Obama literally tells us that we should be our brother's keepers. Guess that doesn't apply to him, though. Also, I wonder how long ol' Ted would have lasted under Obamacare?

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I was kinda hopin they would raise that amount to 30k? How about it, Barry? Puhleeeeezzz?

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Sign me up for a barrel of carp!

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In reply to the above, I would say that Ed's anger is totally rational. I have it, too, bigtime. Even though basically all income tax revenue has long been spent (thanks to Obama and the "stimulus"), there is still the fact that taxpayers are still on the hook for what the gubmint spends. It is all just postponed; sticking it to the next generation or two. But I digress. It is TRUE that we taxpayers are paying for cars bought by those participating in the so called " cash for clunkers" program. I sure as hell won't be stopping my gas guzzling SUV when I see a disabled "hybrid" (especially one with an Obama bumper sticker) on the side of the road.

Ed, you da man!

P.S. What is the sense in destroying perfectly good vehicles?