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Hehe, this is a re-post! :P

What doesn't make sense is: Even if accounts are blocked on your account, others ("little kids") can still see the blocked account's Tweets! What's the point then? You could block them yourself if they're bothering you, but Nickelodeon blocking them doesn't prevent your younger followers from seeing them regardless.... it only hurts the fans who may have been blocked without reason (which I've seen happen to great supporters of your shows). The blocking just seems silly to me.

Anyway... FIRST! ;D

Love you Dan! <3 Can't wait for Sam & Cat!

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I'm team Seddie, but I'm honestly not expecting a real answer or the conclusion continuing after "iStart A Fan War" ends! I mean, iCarly is just not like that - it's not a soap, or a drama series (it has no continuing plot). Either way, no matter what I'm still gonna watch because iCarly is an amazing show!!! :)

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1. #6... ALL LOWER CASE!!! :)
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THANKS! :)'s an adaptation from @SarcasticLeaves's =^_^= version!

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He did that on purpose - so this post doesn't go in the blog's post stream (i.e. when you go to and see the last 7 posts), because it's under: "Stuff U Should Click On" instead! :)

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Sky Chat & None Like It Hot!!!!


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Thank so much for the info!

For a short time, I thought I missed the conclusion of Moody's Point. Then realized there wasn't one!
...and to be completely honest, I was mad for a few years (and now I really know why there wasn't one; lol), but that didn't last long anyway - since there were more awesome shows to come!

Thanks Dan!!!! =*_*=

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Hey Dan!... if you ever make it this far in the comments!!!

I sent you an e-mail. I hope you read it!!!
If you search "degrassifreak" in your mail, you should find it! :)

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Dan, I'm sorry you have to deal with all this explaining yourself and "down in the dumps" comments!
I don't think people understand how excited YOU are and how huge this is! Getting to watch (on television) a full version of a TV series' episode! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this has ever been done before! Has it? I know I've only seen that there are full version on season DVDs.

Personally, I am going to watch the un-cut version of "iSaved Your Life". I excited to see even more work you and the cast & crew put into this episode!!!

Also, on the subject of "too much kissing"... I actually agree. I was very surprised!!! I'm 19, and was just shocked! (at the end, the kiss on the cheek was sweet though!) ... but hey! what can I do? Right! NOTHING!

... and lastly. I would like to say, I am a Seddie shipper, but that doesn't stop me from ENJOYING THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading,
--Bridget (@DegrassiFreak)

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YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I'm excited! :)

Thank You!, Dan, Cast, & Crew! Woohoo