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Did he say "Boyish?".....RAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue."

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If journalist can use politicians to advance their careers, politicians can certainly do the same. Why not?! Think about your hypocrisy Mr Brokaw. If you ever wonder why the average American hate the MSM...there's your reason! You are a hypocrite! You think you can say things about politicians one day; and never be responsible for it. In a free and "fair" America - there are no exceptions for free speech!!!!

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Anyone that would speak so unkindly of Patrick J Buchanan has nothing to say to me. PJB book "Suicide of a Superpower" is BRILLiANT and Courageous. Regardless of Kristol's disagreement w/ Buchanan's Presidential run; there is no doubt the Conservative movement is fortunate to have Buchanan in it.

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This is the same magazine that put a WWII hero George H. W. Bush on the cover with the title "The Wimp Factor." That they would shamelessly in contrast depict this President in such a glowing manner, only shows how far removed from reality the writers and publishers really are. Obama is Prometheous; and all his media worshippers and all their ink and glossy covers will not forgo his own inevitable flight to the sun in the fall.

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It was Tina Brown that said that he (Huntsman) was "...not enough of a hater" to win the GOP. Not surprising comment from her. The disappointment this morning is that Joe let her get away with it. I guess his party invitation is worth more than defending his GOP family members. Yes, he is often critical of Republicans, but he usually bows up if a liberal attacks it; which is admirable. He did not do that today. He let us down.

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Certainly the headlines that he is an Ex GI is far more relevant to the story than the fact that he converted to Islam. Right!?

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Another Obama Stepford Wife.

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She doesn't even TRY to sound intelligent. A grown woman that's wants to be taken seriously would make reference to "My Father..."
not "My 'Daddy....". it reinforces the image that MM is not her own woman.

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I wonder if the past three years has been the Change that Oprah now believes in.