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Hey Morgan, I hope your grandma wins too!!! She'd probably nail him to the wall!

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These are the same Chinese that force the killing of millions of babies (by being dismembered) through their forced-abortion one-child-only policy, and torture and kill untold numbers of Christians just because of their faith. It only stands to reason that people so deranged would be more concerned about some stupid carp, doesn't it?

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Thank you for that excellent admonition. I'd love to share it with some other friends. Would that be ok with you? God bless you.

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I believe what you have described is actually the plan. Saving seeds will be illegal and also growing your own food. And when they have complete control of the food supply, they can decide who gets to eat and who doesn't. Search "useless eaters" on your web browser. Hitler used this plan too. They're just a little more technologically advanced about it these days.

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It's even worse than that. Maybe you remember all the people who were deliberately starved to death in the Ukraine. If not, it's because it was not generally known - the Soviets had a propaganda machine much like our mainstream media that kept telling the world how wonderful things were there. You can find a lot of articles about it by putting "starvation in Ukraine" into your browser and running a search. Here's one site with lots of info. God help us - it could happen again. It was a deliberate slaughter by forced starvation of 14 million people who could have fed themselves if left alone. Bas tards!!!!!

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Too bad - don't think it ever could have happened, and not because I don't believe in genies - that guy just wasn't a Democrat!! I've just never met a Democrat that had enough sense to know he needed to be smarter!!!

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Yeah, right - totally sure it's some chicky from a broadcasting company. Yep. Highly enlightening. <sarcasm off>

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No person in their right mind would think that is even remotely funny. Only someone with massive and demented hatred in their heart and a mind and spirit desensitized to brutality and violence (violent video games?) Not surprisingly, the foaming-at-the-mouth liberals who decry the "violent potential" of the Tea Parties, are those who have publicly wished for Rush Limbaugh's death and such atrocities. I tried to find out who's behind this "10:10" campaign with no luck so far, but it smells for all the world like a UN globalist scheme. For some more disturbing information (although not graphicly disturbing) see and if you think this is just made up, go to the State of Georgia's website to see their info about this as a tourist attraction: So, now do you think that they are just kidding about killing those who oppose their objectives? I don't.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I never thought of that, but I think you are right. It's so obvious that everyone's overlooking it.

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American wimpism - bound to get us all killed. It's that "tolerance" BS that kids have been taught in government schools for the last two or three decades. It has produced a generation of people who think it's honorable to go against what is obviously good for them and their country and it's a highly praised thing to put the "world community" ahead of ourselves. People just don't seem to "get it" that if you give constitutional rights to people who don't believe in the Constitution, when they get power NOBODY will have constitutional rights. Duh!!! Wake up America, they are using our goodness to destroy our goodness!!