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the book Lethal Engagement, Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam, by Joseph A. Klein is the most important book to read at this time to see how the IOC and the America hating nations in the UN are working with Obama to islamize our nation and enable the UN to rule over it.

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Huckabee was the one who made McCain our nominee last time.. if it were not for him, Romney would have WON... Huckabee is a weasel, the same as McCain and he cannot be trusted to run against Obama,, he will fold and ensure Obama, the inexperienced, unqualified wins yet again because OF Huckabee.

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It is absurd to allow those who think they are conservative when they are gay to tear conservatism apart. We need to stand at the podium and teach the opposite.. Let THEM be offended and leave... Fod conservatives to leave the podium because they want to infiltrate is letting them call the shots, tearing us apart.

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the anti christ living in the whitehouse is trying to get sharia to rule the entire world.

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We need to take our podium BACK. IF gay people turn conservavtives away from this conference, they win.. Grover Norquist, a man who is busy islamizing our nation is allowed to interfere with conservatism by pretending that he cares about taxing.. When in reality, all he cares about is getting sharia into America.. Under sharia, there are no gays (they are KILLED).. That is TRUTH that he should have to answer to but we are so proudly politically correct that we will soon lose our nation to the trickery of islam.
How is it that we allow the progressives of all sorts to twist our message up? Using the political correctness that they themselves are incapable of living up to, they undermine our attempts to save this nation from the many enemies against it that have joined forces and are very close to accomplishing the goal of taking down the west for islam.
Islam uses taqiyya to spread its tentacles throughout the world. The muslim brotherhood, with their plan to conquer America for islam, outsmart us each day. Here they have managed to get conservatives to stay home so that CPAC will now be yet another place for them to lie, cheat and steal our nation, our values, our culture for islam.

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When in Chicago, Obama figured out how to loot public funds to pay for his America-changing ideas.. now he uses the nations money to spread out to the entire world in his efforts to force America into globalization...
If you want to hear insane libs daily speaking TRUTH to their masses,, watch Free Speech TV... they do not HIDE that they want socialism or worse...
they do not hide that they think capitalism is evil...
This Thursday at 10 PM they are showing a documentary entitled "What a Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire"
it is a MUST see to be aware of what is planned by this administration for our nation...

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Their planto destroy America is nearly complete, now if they could only nudge the American people into violence, as they have the people in Europe.. Too bad they do not realize that Christians know who they are and that God will be the victor in the end.

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We need to arrest Soros at the same moment as taking Obama into custody so none of the other America haters will know WHAT TO DO

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George W Bush, a man who refuses to speak out against America's destroyer, Obama, is a part of the group who is FOR the New World Order. He belongs to the secret societies that want to open the abyss... Rick Warren is one of the preachers in America that now has korans in the pews because he believes islam and Christianity can be combined to form chrislam... this is BLASPHEMY... These 2 men are EVIL!

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What color was his BLOOD????? GREEN????