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Why of all people would she steal from the poor people of Portland Oregon. We have so many HOMELESS mothers & children trying to get HELP from DHS and she worked there and seen how many people needed HELP, and so she goes trying to steal from the same FUND's that were tryijng to live on? That's just discusting. I hope they throw the book at her, a few books for that matter? WHY<??? WHY??? shame, shame, shame on them!

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I hope that Emily win's the Design Star Finals. If Micheal win's that will be fine also. They are both great designer's! They deserve the best, But, I hope in my heart that EMILY WILL ENDURE AND BE THE WINNER & HAVE A SHOW OF HER OWN SOON!

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No, this should have never happened to this poor child. Who was only expressing his talents. Nowaday's some children are so cruel. That's because parent's just aren't teaching alot of kid's right from wrong. Plus holding them responsible for their actions. I hope that they are going to make sure that these children are aware of what they have done to this child? This shouldn't be happening when childhood is supposed to be the happiest time in young lives. I am sure that this child is a angel in heaven singing along side of the Lord Jesus Christ now! GOD BLESS HIS SOUL & I WILL PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE, FORGIVENESS IS CALLED FOR THIS SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN?

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I can hardly believe that this happened. It really scares me that this kind of thing is still possible of happening somewhere in the world. I know it happened alot in the olden day's, I hope that never ever happens again?

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This is the most ridicolous piece of malarkey I have heard in a very longtime? Who are they kidding. That is her real backside. Who on earth would get implant's but a dike???

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I feel so sorry for this boy and the family. I thought myself from the start the Step mom has something to do with his disappearance? I hope we don't find out later she did? I think or have they ever thought of hiring a Psychic to try and help find him. I would start ASAP, it couldn't hurt, I don't think? But, it might give them hope that isn't real? I just don't know but I myself have four sons and I pray to God that this defenseless little angel is returned home soon. HE DIDN'T OR COULDN'T HURT A FLY, HE NEED'S TO BE HOME WITH HIS PARENTS. I WILL PRAY FOR HIM & THE FAMILY TOO.

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WAS their a Psychic involved at anytime, I want to know? Did I miss something, I am really curious? I think they need to hire a well respected one ASAP??? It would help even a little I think???

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Did they hire a Psychic yet? I was thinking the same thing, maybe a psychic could help find him. It certainly couldn't hurt, If my child was missing I would try anything and everything possible. I HOPE TO GOD HE IS FOUND SOON, THIS IS SO SAD, I HAVE A GRANDSON AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO IF ANYTHING EVER HAPPENED TO HIM, PRAY FOR HIS RETURN.

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We all knew this way back when. These were the 3 suspect's in the first place, why did it take so long to arrest them all? This isn't new's this is the oldest new's they knew this the first day of the crime. I am more confused than ever now???