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you cannot win the "hearts and minds" of "people" who have neither.

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The westboro cult is about as much a Baptist church, as a band-aid is a cure for cancer. People need to stop paying attention to these whackos, and at most encourage them to run away from funerals.

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I don't see any compelling reason to send any money to Gaza. Israel sends 80 tons of aid each week (10 times what the terrorist love boats had) These people were dancing in the streets after 9/11, and apparently have no intention of living in peace. Pack them all up and distribute them among the islamic nations. if there is ever to be peace, they need to be deported. If we had a militant and hostile group of folks occupying New Jersey lobbing rockets into New York, we would respond this way. This is a result of the UN forcing Israel to return all the land it gained in the 1967 war against them. They should have kept every square inch...

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I'm betting better than 10, since my 1979 F-600 crewcab gasser gets that empty, with a DT360 it shoudl get 13-15.

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I think its awesome that folks want to come here and be Americans. It speaks well of us as a people, and as a Nation. Immigrants come here to make their future as Americans, Criminal Aliens do not do this, and generally have no intention to become Americans. Immigrants come to contribute, aliens do not. I think we do need to make an attainable path to citizenship, and welcome those who want to be one of us. People forget that quite a few people who entered Ellis Island, were sent back on the same ships they came in, because they didn't fit the needs of the nation as it grew, or were sick, or had no skills etc. We can and should be choosy about who we bring in. Governments, State and National have a responsibility to promote the general welfare. (The fed more so), but it hasn't, forcing the states to do it themselves. The Arizona law does not do anything that existing federal law does not already do, Nobody will be asked for papers while taking the kids out for ice cream (unless they rob the place). And lets not forget that Americans of Latin origin,(valued and loved members of our American "family") are tired of being compared with the criminal aliens that are making their lives more difficult. I grew up and went through school with many different races, this is not about race, its about laws, and being an American.

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I think that by November the 10th Amendment will be the defining issue in the 2010 election. The tea party movement is great, people getting politically active and involved is great, but they are targets, and will be continually bashed by the left. The Constitution is much harder to demonize and distort, even for those who try to distort it on a daily basis.

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feed that crap to all those dead kurds who were gassed by those non-existent weapons. Bush wasn't all that great on a few issues, but the current embarrassment in our white house makes him look like a saint. at least bush knew how to pronounce "corpsman"...

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welcome to your future.

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If its not in the written rental contract, its null and void. I'd be flying a flag 24/7. If the folks in that complex dont stand up and fight this, it will only be harder for the next group who does stand up to petty dictators like this.

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Years ago when I was working out there, I had to work in, and drive through the S.F. area quite a bit. I'm pretty sure that Oakland at its worse was safer than S.F. on any regular day. I remember always being sure I was always in the middle lane on 17th ave,(?) as the streetpeople would stand in the center divide and harass you when you were caught at a light. if you didnt give them enough cash, they would often kick in your truck door, or if you were lucky they would only spit on you, and cuss you out. Now that I'm 2500 miles away, it couldnt be better. Now dont get me wrong, there are a few nice folks out there, but they are greatly outnumbered. Remember these are the folks that protested Christian young people who were gathering at the ballpark for a concert event, and the college choir kids that were beat up by connected thugs. If I never have to go back there, it will be too soon.