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Back to the 90s awesomeness:

Parents had one, ex-driving school car. Pen marks on the ceiling and a the hardware for the 2nd pedal.

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Thanks! I write em as I'd like to read them were I buying.

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Jim, great post!

I've now spent an hour researching central Asian nations, reading, and watching YT vids of containers being loaded with cars and unloaded.

At 3-4am.

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I present interesting and under 5k in Toronto (erm yes, it could be mine...)

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Someone put a Grand Am front end on a Skylark!?! And they seem to think it is worth $1200!

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How timely.....

A 1987 CRX Si followed me home from an impound auction last weekend. Minimum bid + fees + towing + parts + lots of time swearing + time driving around getting parts and I'm not yet at the point that I can get an inspection (hopefully one spot of ugly rust won't kill it) and then "sell it on for a profit".

The amount of stuff I'm learning is phenomenal (exhaust work, done, brakes on the way) as I'd never attempt it with my DD because if I cock that up it'll be expensive/hassle.

Buy the nicest, best cared for car you can find to a price point and go from there.

I picked this up because of the slightly cultish following and the fact that folks are always looking for them. And boredom. Needed a toy to play with.

If I get my shit together I'll write it up and shop it around, may even stick in the Hooniverse Marketplace.

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May I suggest that a plethora of ramming lead to perceived need for those stickers?

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TPS is going with Taurii, I've seen a couple here and there and now I'm starting to see them with more frequency BUT they stocked up on 300 CVPIs before the end of the line. Currently TPS has 4 Taurii and 2 Explorers with the CVPI expected to last until 2016.

From chatting with some officers recently I noticed their CVPI was getting pretty ragged, I would hazard a guess for budget reasons they'll be extending the work life as long as possible.

The OPP love them some Tahoes and I hates them, impossible to decode the headlight pattern from a regular GM product.

I have yet to see a Caprice anywhere.

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Note that those pictures are from LAST summer. The car is just north of Mtl and will guarantee they don't have foliage like that on the maple trees. Sitting here a good deal south we're just starting to get buds.

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As noted above, ad 5 leaf blowers and do a motor swap. Because: Roadkill.
[youtube U81_0waqEWA youtube]