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First Jesus Christ despite what some atheists think was a real minor historical figure executed in Jerusalem by Rome this is referenced by Tacitus and Josephus. Fact he was a real man its the public image (and Religion) created for Jesus that is myth and artifice.

And it wasn't the disinterested Roman bureaucracy that Created the harmless non -political Jesus but Christians themselves.

The Romans were NOT that involved in physiological warfare to create a "docile religion" where it was not needed (they had plenty of cults to choose from) ..but the early Christians WERE very motivated!

The destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 AD is when Rome violently suppressed a religious(i.e.Political) movement and a nation for the first time since Julius Caesar a century before.(The Gallic Wars) The deification of Roman Emperors also had an effect on the Jewish religious climate but Rome had decided enough was enough and the Jewish Nation was put to the sword.

The Romans were famously tolerant to non political Religions so the pogrom against the Jews(and death of over a million in 70 AD) had a profound effect on Christian writers and all the first books of the New Testament including the gospels were written AFTER the fall of Jerusalem and even the later dispersal of Jews (135) from Palestine that became the diaspora.

Early sporadic Christian prosecution began under Nero who like most Romans labeled Christians "a Jewish sect" and thus politically dangerous.

The Jewish political taint was a huge threat to early Christianity so the Christians rapidly turned Christianity into a "pro Roman religion one that was no Political threat" it was not Rome doing this it was Christian writers.

The later Antisemitism and charge that Jews had Christ crucified was Christian propaganda to please Rome to show LOYALTY to Rome and blame the discredited Jews not the Roman Military Governor.

And come on they were the NOT the first Religious propagandists they knew the real Jesus Christ was a Essene religious leader who had allowed himself to be co-opted by Jewish POLITICAL radicals and for that he was executed.

All subsequent Christian writing STRAINED to strip the political fanaticism from Jesus Christ simply to protect their new religion from state persecution. It worked for a few decades but the Romans were not idiots they soon saw Christianity as a bigger threat than Judaism...

Religion is always co-opted for political reasons.

Just look at how the Mormon sect less than 200 years old has been twisted and turned to appease the Politicians

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Dakota I am gay and an ex fundy and I can tell you Sally just explained why she is so RABIDLY HOMOPHOBIC!

“To me what is hateful is when those people who say ‘you’re born this way, there’s no hope in change, you’re stuck in this, deal with it,’ that is hate. There’s no hope in that,” said Kern.

That is a MAJOR Fruedian addmision (not a slip) She is Lesbian and HATES HERSELF and being trapped because SHE WAS BORN THIS WAY.

We get it girl

Sally loves Vag

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Great article about one of the best performers and businessmen in porn today, an amazing and fascinating career to watch!

And a testament to how important it is to have a true partnership, Steve Pena does an amazing job behind the scenes!

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2 min you lasted LONGER than me what a lame waste of video and time!

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Oh I will get a swelled head I was mentioned in the same line as Brent Corrigan,Pierre Fitch,Gorgeous Boys and Mick Hicks!

I need the smelling salts ;-)

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DAMMMMN Dayton is hot, he kind of snuck up on me!

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I just have to say Dayton O'Conner looks SO FUCKABLE pushed into the wall by Riley! Come on lets have some FIGHT PORN!

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No Bel Ami listed strange according to Salon Bel Ami was hitting traffic hits of 1.6 million unique visitors a month in January. With the biggest sales in Gay Porn probably more than the top 5 on this list!

Strange ;-)

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hmm I wonder if they thought to save a webpage from 1995 I would LOVE to see what they could post when everyone had dial up!

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yep that it does JockLover but BelAmi's version is in High Definition!