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Tender. Naked. Beautiful. Those words resonate with me. I chased after who I wanted to be for 30+ years. And then I stopped. Realizing that "the chase" actually meant stopping and embracing me...the real me...the me I can love...the me that can be...and, finally, after many tears, I finally love the me I am. Your words are touching many lives....Much love from Minneapolis.

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"Don’t forget it. Because if you do, you’re liable to forget who came to liberate you." --powerful. beautiful. truth.

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Probably one of those moths or butterflies that you can't see if they're hiding in the weeds or flowers...they blend into their surroundings to get away from the craziness...and when they garner up the courage, or are scared off you can catch a glimpse of them.
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Look out, lady! I've been thinking about this same topic A LOT lately...and I've been working on a blog post ;)

Bottom line -- if there is equal grace for everyone and and God looks at us and sees his children (not different genders), then does gender even matter? God is ALL about equality! Not "the boys club," and not "woman power." Equality.

Jesus makes it clear that gender isn't an issue, he spoke with women when Rabbis would not. He invited women to be part the group that followed him everywhere. He was pleased when a woman (Mary) took a seat with the other men to learn (LEARN, educating women just didn't happen back then, women were all too often considered property). The woman at the well was a female teacher...she shared the story of her encounter with Jesus at the well with those in her town.

And, I think Paul was just as much about equality as Jesus was. He applauded women who held church gatherings in their homes. He learned from women. He called them out as people to be respected and taken care of in several places in his letters. Paul's strength was really relating to people, finding common ground. And, if you read contextually and historically what he says in those letters, it's not about male domination at all. It was about the message of Jesus Christ. I actually just finished reading a great (Christian) book helping to contextualize some of this called 10 Lies the Church Tells Women, by Lee Grady. He sheds light to the importance of context, including the controversial text in his letters. Context is king.

All that said, someone will always argue one way or the other, but, for me, if GRACE is what it's all about, then who cares. God gave us a message to share and live, not to sit on.

On feminism...mostly, in as much as it's tied to equality, I may be the biggest feminist of them all. However, a hate-filled and selfish feminism? No thanks. Do I think that there is some work to be done culturally to bring light places where inequality operates? Absolutely. Do I think women, especially, need encouragement from other women so they break out of boxes they've put themselves based upon cultural expectations? Absolutely. Do women and men differ emotionally, psychologically and physically? Of course. But differences do not diminish the importance of equality...then we'd all be clones.

Thank you, pretty lady!

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Wow. Fantastic post. Made me think, a lot. Thank you so, so much...

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It's been a journey, that's for sure! Praying for that contentment for you, Mandie ;)

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My biggest challenge in this space is really thinking about what it is I want...all too often we (including me) as for a means to an end...money so we can get a bigger house or bless more people...a new job to earn money and share talents...a book deal to tell our story. All of that is fine, but I've found myself boxing in God. Seriously. He is more creative than that. If what I really want to do is bless people, then I need to start asking for that...HE will determine the best way to get that done. If I'm searching for fulfillment, he will find a way that might be much more fulfilling than a good job ever would have been. If it's a desire to inspire others by sharing my story, then He will show me the best ways to do that. So now, when I ask God for things, I force myself to think about what it is I really desire...not just ask for what's easy...and I've learned a TON about myself in the process!

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If God made me to be who I am (say a gingko tree and not a day lily), and His spirit is at work inside of me, then I believe the Godly Dawn is the Dawn who can embrace who she is. The challenge? I always forget I'm different from everyone else ;)
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Holy. Moly. Rocky.

Thank you, Jenni, for writing about this. God timing.

Last week my husband asked me where my confidence has gone. The very next day one of my best friends, in a fun loving way, said I needed to get my confidence back. As if the first mention wasn't enough to leave me thinking...the second mention left me reeling...and you're writing about it now? Well...I'm pretty sure it was for me.

Insecurity is my biggest enemy. Especially in seasons of change like the one I'm going through now. I question everything, feel as if I know nothing, but realize that it can never be me...it can only be God. And if I let God take the reins, the confidence will come back...because I'm not worrying. It's a viscous cycle if it's not stopped. And I think God is posting flares on my path right now.

Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing this. I hit a wall about two months ago...and can't seem to snap back regularly. But to read that another strong and HUMAN woman is dealing with the same fatigue, weakness, momentary discouragement...but can still be the same inspiring woman that she is makes me know it's possible to break through. Thanks.