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I once saw a lady on a Christian tv station talk for two hours correlating the Harry Potter books with satanism. I was impressed with the inventiveness of her imagination, but, to my mind, she never really "read" the books; the correlation was already there, so that is what she read out of the books. To me what she did was tantamount to witchcraft, she cast a spell over the minds of her listeners so that all they would ever see in Harry Potter was the work of the devil.
Supernaturalists infect each other with the energy of despair- they are teetering on the abyss of meaninglessness because they secretly fear that what they believe is actually meaningless. Mix denial with despair and what you get is fanaticism. Understanding is the antidote to fanaticism and despair. Commit yourself to the will to understand and what you end up believing will always be meaningful.

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__the supernatural is axiomatically what we do not presently understand. This falls within the actual province of science - to study it so that we can come to understand. ____To believe in the supernatural as equally or more real than the natural order is to place belief before understanding, to invade its province, as it were, and to make the understanding subject to the meaningless authority of belief. This demonstrates a will to believe that takes precedence in the mind over the will to understand. ____Invariably when understanding is compromised, the mind reshapes its understanding to fit its beliefs and gradually reduces its ability to understand to only those things which confirm its belief. This may provide fertile ground for the imagination to fill in the many gaps of absurdity that lie between its posited belief and its former understanding, but it is also the mechanism by which delusion takes hold of a formerly sane mind. ____I____