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Anyway, its results that count and I've bowled 27 games now using this adjustment and am averaging 8 pins more per game than where I ended up last season (192 versus 184 composite over 3 leagues but 193 versus 180 in my most competitive league). I know its an early sign of improvement but I am feeling much more relaxed and confident now. I always read your tips when I get the emails and this one sure is paying off - thanks!

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After reading your article I realized that what I had always done was rise up from the athletic starting position after my first step and straighten my knees up, then lean back down on the 4th and 5th but not get my knees bent enough again. Based on what I read in your article, I tried staying in a sort of crouch position (conscious of not rising up on step 2) in a practice session. I found that this resulted in a better position at the foul line and a more regular clean release (rather than dropping the ball). I feel like doing this is causing me to keep my level of forward lean more consistent throughout the approach (I keep visualizing Norm Duke's approach now as I've thought a lot about this) rather than leaning down on the last 2 steps and ending up lifting up a bit at release.

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I have always had a problem with my approach and being out of synch. at the foul line, causing me to drop the ball frequently or end up awkwardly pulling it one way or the other. I have been told for a few years that its because I lean too far forward on my 4th and 5th steps and then lift up at the foul line to compensate. I'd tried standing more erect at set up and that didn't work well and had also tried to just concentrate more on not bending forward on the 4th and 5th step (this is what all the coaches told me to do), with decent results when I maintain that thought well.

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This is the single best bowling tip I've ever had and I've had lessons from USBC Silver and Gold coaches and participated in two clinics with top-rated coaches. (More to follow, broekn up to meet the comment size limitation)

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Sounds like you must be having a blast with Orbotix Paul, best of luck for hitting the one big goal and for the team to reap the deserved rewards from their passion and effort as the business evolves and the results continue.

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OK, this is the best tip I've ever received. I was in a bit of a slump having dropped from a last season ending average of 190 to 180 so far this year (both overall in 3 leagues). I tried the "crossover" step described here and found it awkward and then simply lined up 5 boards right of my usual approach starting position, with shoulders straight at the pins but feet aimed towards my usual foul line finishing point, and walked straight in that direction keeping my shoulders square and parallel with the foul line. SInce then I've bowled 4 sets: 595, 702, 593, 635 and have never felt a more comfortable and relaxed arm swing, smoother release and better ball roll, finish and pin action. Thanks much!