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Wow...poor kid. Seems a little harsh.

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Why do you guys refuse to add QR codes to your reviews?

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Dude...don't feed the trolls.

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Not shocked, just disappointed. And you're right - Moto has every right to release whatever sort of product they want. And I have the right not to purchase their products, and to try to convince as many people as I can that they shouldn't either. If everyone who cares about this can educated three people about what they'd be giving up by purchasing a borked device, that will add up to significant numbers. Probably won't change Moto's mind, but it might cause another manufacturer to notice and fill the gap with a top-of-the-line, unlocked device of their own.

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Depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to use tethering and not have to pay double for your "unlimited" data; if you want to over-clock or under-clock your device; if you want to block ads in the browser and apps; maybe if you want to install apps from sources other than the Android Market (AT&T blocks this, no word yet on whether Droid X will); then yes...this will effect your every-day use. It would *drastically* effect my everyday use...even something simple like under-clocking when the phone is asleep, increasing my battery life by about a third.

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+1. Why buy this when another device with equal or better features will be right around the corner? Seems that Moto doesn't get the whole idea behind Android at all.

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But it's not insignificant. The ability to install whatever software I want to on my phone is one of the big reasons I'm supporting the Android platform. It's true that the modding community is still a relatively small segment of Android users, but over 30,000 users downloaded the latest iteration of Pets's Bugless Beast ROM in one week. That's more than "a couple dozen", and those numbers will only keep growing.

Yes, the hyperbole is getting pretty thick in here, but the point is - why should we purchase a locked-down, crippled device in the image of the iPhone when we can instead chose an equivalent device (Evo, or whatever will be coming out next) that we can truly own and do with what we want. I get it if those things aren't important to you, but that's no reason to insult those of us who value them.

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It's a shame that Moto has decided to lock down all of their future phones and state directly that if users want to truly own their Android devices, and be able to install whatever software we want on them, that they don't want our business. It's sad, really - I love my Moto Droid, but it will certainly be the last Moto device I purchase unless they change their policy of locking down all future devices in ways that prevent the installation of modded ROMs.

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Nope, definitely not. I'm not really ready to upgrade from my Droid yet anyway, and I'm sure that something better will come between now and then, but whatever device I do choose at upgrade time will be one that *I* truly own and can do with what I want. I've been running custom ROMs since I had my G1, and I'd never even think of purchasing an Android device that wouldn't let me do so.

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So many of you complaining about the inability to save apps to the SD card. I don't understand why more of you don't root your phones and take advantage of all the additional functionality that alternate ROMs can provide - over / under-clocking, apps2sd, wireless tethering, etc, etc. It's such a simple process with the majority of Android phones that, as long as you can follow a paragraph of instructions, there really isn't any reason not to.