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So, where's the feed for the show tonight? :)

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Echo what everyone else said...fun show! Got a feed link yet so I can subscribe in iTunes? :)

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Great show! Love Cat Stevens and this was a fantastic trip down vinyl lane...

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I thought the Paul song was fantabulous myself...to each his own, I guess!

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Bonus points to whoever can correctly identify the song that I am covering musically (not lyrically) in my cover...Brian, you don't count either 'cause I already told you the answer. :)

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Glad to see a "heavier" show - the Seether cover gets my top vote by landslide! Although the a cappella cover of Queen was just as good, too.

The only thing that would have made this show even better would have been hearing my hard rock cover of "Gone Hollywood" - it would have been a PERFECT fit, Brian! :)

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It's FINALLY done! Day...er, weeks late...and a dollar short! But now you aficionados can complete your album! :) Until it makes its way into the show or notes on the site here, you can listen and download the track here: http://uber.fm/song/15920/Dave%20Verdick%20-%20Go...

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It was a terrific MC! Loved the common thread tying all of the songs together.

As far as leveling your speaking vs. music tracks, I would suggest normalizing your spoken audio track separately from the music tracks...this is of course assuming that you are using a multitracking application to insert and record tracks before mixing down into a single stereo track for publication. Drop me a line if you have questions, would be happy to help out.

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Update: halfway done with the track, just need to record lead guitar and some vocals...going swimmingly nice!

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I'll give "Gone Hollywood" a whirl here in the next week or two; I've had the lyrics sitting on my desk at home for a while now, life just got busy with work and getting a nursery put together.