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8 games left for Reyes in a Mets uniform. I'm just hoping he doesn't sign with the Phillies in the offseason.

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All of the analysts are saying that this was a good pickup for the Mets and Alderson did a good job getting Wheeler, the Giants top pitching prospect. We won't really know for a few years but Wheeler could have a big impact on the Mets in exchange for the Giants getting 60 games out of Beltran.

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kyle, good call on the .281 career avg for Beltran. The Mets never were in the wild card chase. They're 6.5 games out with 4 teams ahead of them. That's being on the fringe at best. You lost all credibility when you wrote that trading Beltran would cause attendance to tank. Attendance already did tank WITH Beltran on the team.The Mets lost $50 million last year and are on pace to lose $70 million this year because attendance is down. Beltran in the lineup clearly isn't helping attendance.

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My bad. I meant .241. Imagine Bay hitting .341. Ha, ha. Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected it.

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That sounds logical to me. And I think Collins is the type of manager that would have a positive impact on younger players that need time to develop. I also think he's the type of guy that could stay positive through a year or two of losing seasons.

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Mike, speaking for myself on this one... I would be more interested in seeing some younger players out there this year that might be building for the future than a team of veterans that are spinning their wheels. I would even be open to trading David Wright if the return was really good.

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Good catch. I thought for a few minutes about how to describe Pelf's performance before I wrote that. His overall line wasn't great though. Based on this game alone, his ERA would be over 5. Plus he let the Rockies right back in the game before leaving in the sixth inning. That's why I described it as "poor".

But it wasn't as poor as his two prior starts. And you're right, it wasn't what we're used to seeing from Pelf. I'd like to see him step it up with Santana out, not regress.

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Joe, that would be great to see happen. I'm just not sure that the housecleaning is finished yet. I think they want to get away from some of the big names from Minaya's years as GM like Beltran, Bay, K-Rod, and maybe even Santana. Once those players are gone Alderson will really be able to make his mark on the Mets. Then we'll see if they start winning consistently.

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Beltran is fairly attractive now with 2 years/$37 million left but he has a full no-trade clause. So the options would be pretty limited to trade him, only to a team he approved. Reyes is very attractive to trade because 2010 is the last year of his deal, plus a 2011 team option. I can't see trading Santana either and he does have a full no-trade clause. I would think about moving K-Rod. 2 years/$23M left on his contract plus a vesting option for 2012 is a fair contract. He can block trades to 10 teams though. Looking at the roster, Santana is the only untouchable in my opinion.

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Anthony, Lots of anti-Wilpon comments here and much of it is deserved. I'll jump on the bandwagon if they reduce the payroll this year. It was bad enough that they botched Citi Field. But they better keep putting money into the players.