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Jerry - thanks for kind words. I really enjoyed working on the Legacy Project and I hope to see them do great things.

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Dave - yes, we are already behind the curve, but I feel that momentum is now growing and maybe we can get out ahead of it again. There are many ministries really digging into this, such as the ones you mention. Thanks for the tweets!

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I'm not sure what you mean: do you want something that addresses how IT has impacted a local church or ministry? Or are you more interested in something that discusses the impact of technology on the Church as a whole?

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Hello, everyone! I, too, am looking forward to posting and interacting with the community here. I have been writing, researching, consulting, and speaking about online ministry for the past five years. I am a professor at Biola University and I am currently teaching a summer online course entitled "Using the Internet and Social Media for Ministry." You can find out more about me at my website Lessons From Babel. To keep up with what I am doing, you can also follow me on Twitter.

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Kevin -

I have been a little suspicious of these community pages from the beginning. All of a sudden, some of the things I put that I liked in my profile now have "pages" associated with them: "IT and society", "Asimov", and "24". Good post - saw it first via Buzz.


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Patrick -

I agree in part with you: we need to go where the people are, just as Christ did. But at the same time, I think we need to understand what we are saying by using tools such as Facebook by ministries/churches. There is a difference between you and me as individuals going on Facebook and interacting with people and an organization such as a church setting up a page there. By spending the time and resources on a page, the organization is saying: "this is a worthwhile place to be, come join Facebook and be with us!" At this point, I am not saying that churches should not be on Facebook. But I am saying we should think about it more carefully.


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Apparently Facebook is having a company-wide meeting TODAY on this topic. Follow the latest on Twitter with hashtag #fbprivacy and/or #facebook and #privacy.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Sometimes this strategy stuff can get kind of boring. But it is important and allows us to make better use of these tools. You can look forward to more of this "boring" stuff in my upcoming book!


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Paul -

This is a great comment and worth considering. I do feel that we must have a definition of the Internet so that we are all on a "level playing field" when we start considering how to use it. And I do think that the more we know about the nature of the Internet, the easier it will be to innovate. However, I also agree with you that, just as many of us could not begin to explain how a car works, we can still use them quite well!

If you don't mind, I may want to include a bit of what you said in my introduction, attributed to you of course. Would you mind?


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Gordon -

Thanks for the input. My goal is exactly what you mentioned: pastors and Christian leaders (both those already serving and those training to serve) prayerfully considering how to use technology (both what we have today and the amazing applications and inventions to come) for ministry.