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Ok, I will play along:) It took me a while to figure out why she is on the toilet, then I finally recalled there is text-based content to accompany her graphic imagery. If that pic is supposed to help me recognize her humaneness, as Judas priest sang, "You've got another thing comin'".

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Al unravels the potential impact of his message and feeds skepticism and doubt, when he makes a demonstratively exagerrated and contrasting choice, such as this. It is of course his personal choice to spend his dollars as he wishes, but he must know that he sacrifices some quality and quantity of support from people like myself, when he dilutes his overtly-expressed truth, by indulging his attachments and ego-based passions in a gross manor.

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From a pure comedy perspective - he killed it. Relevant and compelling themes; willing to job but not below the belt; timing was spot-on for his dry delivery-style; knows how to wait for the next set-up. Awesome job, Mr. President!

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I keep thinking I am missing something, but I just don't find this sexy. Am I overthinking it? It looks really humiliating for the woman. I can't imagine it is a sensual experience for her. A bunch of guys in dockers hovering over her.
I want my sushi the old fashioned way - vegetarian, on a giant tray, with recurring hot sake, hot washcloths, and hot miso. THAT is sexy!

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I have seen this clip before; and I get new awarenesses each time. Comedy can have a tremendous, positive impact for change. Humor can move mountains. I am glad too hear his introspection and insight. We don't have to hurt people in order to be relevant and compelling. Good on him.