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I've never understood trolling and smacking. How *low* do you have to feel to be able to get a lift from making other people feel low? Perhaps we need more LSD in the water, or something? The whole 'net is made up of trolls, haters, nuts and those that don't comment (the vast majority). I'm probably a nut, but only cos I'm too chilled to be a hater.

It is good to keep up the ebil piwat bit until it becomes boring for you. After all, it is your game you are playing and people will continue reading about your adventures whether you are playing black-hearted scum or hippy miner. Or both.

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Nice list of wrecks :)

Why not write up a battlereport, or four, all using the same ship, then discuss the whys and wherefores of its fitting after it has been destroyed?

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Thanks Roc. I will be posting more often soon (tm) but the life of a capsuleer in such a strong alliance is something I'm still adjusting to.

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As an ex-carebear I shed a tear for my ex-fellows who miss the point. Keep going HB, this event of yours brings more people together in trying to do the same thing than an Incursion ever could.

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With reference to the CSM6, I was wondering if (when you get some time) you could issue an end-of-term post detailing what you have achieved as a representative in CSM5.

From memory, the parts that stick out seem to be arguments within and with CCP about communication and responsibility. I think the term has gone on for so long that I have forgotten the real triumphs you made this term and it would help if I could be reminded of them before the next CSM voting starts.

Obviously much of the info can be looked up in previous minutes and throughout the evelopedia, but I was hoping more for a linked summary. Is this too much to ask? (I think it might be, but you've been doing such an excellent job over such a long time that a summary might help you as well as us...)

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Also in Jita ;)

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Last man standing for prizes with 300 in it somewhere? First prize = 300 bil, booby prize = 300 unfitted ibis, 300th to DIAF = a fitted faction cruiser?

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"Captain! As illogical as this sounds: crap in space is messing around with the sensors!" "Reboot the Heisenburg circuit, Mr Spock."

A slight variation on the scrambler could be sticky goo to gunk up the thrusters so the ship can't turn for a bit. Interesting challenge for CCP's graphics team because it could look too much like sneezing! "Break! Break! He has a snot bomb fitted!!"

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I don't think the interceptor+bunker buster fits right with the feeling of the ship type... maybe an assault frigate sounds better? I do like the BS/mini-Dread idea, but it would still be a poor balance.

However, we have these carriers and super carriers, and maybe orcas and rorquals, so why not find a use for their ship bay? How about rigging a frigate to explode on impact? Kamikaze rigs, or something? You need to manually aim the frigate to impact the capital, maximise momentum to get better damage, then pod back to the ship bay and get another one. The rig should limit the frigate in such a way that it can't use gates, can't fit very much, and can't do much damage to sub-caps. I would guess the damage done should be a function of the total momentum, total HP of the target and total HP of the frigate.

1) Makes low-skilled pilots moderately useful in a large fleet fight, which could bring a lot of new blood to nullsec.
2) Creates a niche for defence pilots to defend their capitals from these kamikazes in frigate dogfights or destroyer shooting galleries. (Sign me up for this!)
3) Makes cap pilots feel less invulnerable, but not so much to ruin the game for them.

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I've used it for a while now, and I am very pleased with it. Multiple skill queues, fleets of ship fittings (easily selected rather than having to find them, like in EFT!)

If you find any bugs, you can report them on the battleclinic.com forum and someone (often vessper, the main developer) will sort it out or work with you to find a reasonable solution. If you request new features then (if they are small) they might be implemented very quickly, too.

On top of that, EveHQ is fully open source, so if you want something, and you have the skills, you can do it yourself!!