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Same thing happened to me when I came across King Krush. Two Shamans came out of nowhere when he was at about 20% health, but luckily Kill Shot and my gorilla got him down before they killed me.

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I'll be interested to hear what your results are like with Piercing Shots.
As MM, Steady Shot is a considerably smaller part of my DPS. Most of it comes from the nature damage of Chimera and Serpent Sting, so ArP in general is fairly wasted for me. Being so deep in the tree, it might be interesting if Piercing Shots applied to all physical DPS.

You've got much better gear than I do though (Combat Experience isn't practical for me, either), so I'm curious to know how much DPS you end up getting from Steady Shot, due to the stacking nature of ArP.

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Yeah, that's the way to go in my opinion. I'm a fan of Textpattern, but Wordpress in definitely the leader in terms of plugin and theme support.

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So are you thinking about self-hosted or Wordpress.com?
You could open up a shared hosting account to keep everything in the same place and not have to ditch what you've got set up here, although if you're going to pay for that you may as well get the added control that comes with a self-hosted solution.

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I doubt Wordpress will generate any fewer headaches for you, probably just different ones.

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I hit 75 on Saturday, but unfortunately I haven't been on since then because I've had finals to deal with. I'm often too conservative with cooldowns as well, so I tend to use chance on hit trinkets when not in an instance. Obviously pet choice is personal preference, but I'm really surprised when I see hunters running around without a gorilla. Worms seem to be good for tanking group quests, but otherwise I don't think you can beat the AoE aggro. With three points in barrage, I just can't resist those big packs of shoveltusks and horses.

I'm really loving MM for leveling. Rapid Recuperation has kept me out of Viper except for a few select occasions. If BM ends up being the higher DPS tree at 80, I'm going to have a hard time giving up the MM mechanics; I find them to be a ton of fun.

I agree that level 74 Mend Pet with Blood of the Rhino is amazing for group quests. For the ones with harder hitting mobs, I find that even ret or feral heals have no problem keeping my gorilla alive.

As a side note, I'm a bit confused by how Kill Shot is limited to a longer distance than other shots. I feel like its burst damage would be most useful when being charged by a player or mob. It doesn't seem to be a great way to finish a kill if you have to pop Disengage just to use it.

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If you pay attention to where you put the pullquote in the HTML, I don't think it looks that bad. http://img206.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture3...

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That's a major drawback to feed readers. Inline styles are never a great idea, though. RSS is intended to be just the content and nothing more. You kind of have to accept that people using readers aren't going to be getting the best experience.

I usually skim articles in my feed reader and then open them up in a browser if I'm going to read the whole thing. If you use semantic markup, the default styles in most feed readers do a decent job of making things legible, too.

My 7-11 isn't breaking street date. :( Some people are just lucky, I guess.

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I love the design of the new template, but I've gotta take issue with some of your code. Probably the most egregious thing is using CSS to define a new element, pullquote_right. While browsers are lenient enough to allow it, it's really not good. CSS is meant to provide visual style to the structural elements of xHTML.

One correct way to do it would be to create a new class of blockquote, blockquote.pull { }, that has the proper styling. Then to add a pull quote you would use the code <blockquote class="pull">.

I didn't know you lived in Utah, that's rad. I go to school in Denver. The closest place for me to get Wrath is 7-11, I'm hoping they'll give it to me early tonight. :)

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Yeah, I was a bit confused when I read that. I specced into Barrage because I don't need the HR from Focused Aim and I _love_ the new Volley, so I've been using Multi-shot in my rotation on bosses and CC-less pulls. I'm not sure if this is the most efficient thing to do, but it's what I've been working with at the moment.

I kinda like having another button to hit besides Steady while I'm waiting for Serpent's Sting to tick down, so I hope they don't relink them.