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Too bad those kids were not being watched like they should have been instead of roaming the streets at that young age. Maybe they were told to go pick flowers to get them out of the way so as to do their drugs. What a sad loss and that the moms were to busy to be parents to those kids.

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This is so sad, too bad those children were not more important to those brainless momma wanna Be's than their crack head friends and the drugs. I hope they never get the other children back. Oh no, the welfare check will disappear!!

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Well I bet mama is real proud of her boys!! what a couple idiots!

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This is ludicris if he wins all that money - his teeth were probably nasty to begin with. What a loser. I hope he gets a big fat ZERO amount of money. but he is from FLINT !! What do you expect from there.? LOSER!

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But she sure wanted the welfare check!

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And this shows what unintelligent friends (tre809) this punk has ! Another FINE example! What an idiot and you need to learn to spell, spend more time in school than out stealing might be a good start TRE809

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Oh here we go again. Another mama on TV8 talking about her son and the gun. too bad she did not lean to speak correctly. Well now maybe this punk and the kid that killed his mom's boyfriend can get together there in the detention center and talk about what foolish naive and gullible mothers they have.

"I tries, I tries and I can't get no help because I'm just a parent that's on a fixed income," Deandre's mother said. "So I don't have no help. And he no choice,cause he was afraid.
Sure sounds like she should give advise to other parents!!

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What a moron. That poor puppy. He could have taken the puppy to a shelter. I am glad he was caught.

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well you tell a lot what the family is like from the big fat mouth in the picture up there. She was on the news saying how he didn't do a thing it was the cops. What a bunch of low life scum--- ugggh can't they just go away!!!

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When is his mamma going to be on Wood tv 8 and say what a good model son he is and the Police have it wrong and she wants her baby home , same story different day and different punk! It gets old, I hope he gets locked up for a long time thats where he belongs.