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B.M.Bowel Movement, if confronted by Todd Palin, Maher would be seen running toward the sunset while at top speed! He is nothing but a cowardly little city punk setting in his secure environment. In the real world, not in the city, the real world ,he'd be the one everyone was sharpening their pugilistic skill on back in high school. How anyone can watch him speaks for the low intellect of his followers.
I wonder what his parents think of him, maybe they are on the same caste he is, probably are.

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It's time to put a boot in the asses of democrats. I'm sick of putting up with their under the table tricks, their lies, their threats, their violance, and their absolute stupidity. You have the alleged most intelligent Americans in the academic field and the total knuckles dragging union members on the same team. Then you have real Americans in the middle. I think we should rid ourselves of those extremists and get our culture back to what it once was, where we all pulled on the same red, withe, and blue rope.

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There are none so dumb as those who profess socialism then complain about funding cuts. How dumb can you get? Capitalists make money, socialist/communists make do.
When there is no money to tax who pays the professors? They should be the first one's who's pay is reduced, they've been preaching the attributes of socialism for 80 years, well it's here! How do you like it now progessor dumb a$$.

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It does my heart good to see and hear Mr West, maybe there is some hope for the black community. Someone needs to shake their tree and get there attention. How sad they are today. There was a day when blacks and white both enjoyed their family, with a mom and dad.
It will take a Herculean effort to overcome what has devolved into a drug infested, sex oriented, crime ridden, community of people who have no view of the world and without hope. No one has lead the way, here Mr West is telling the truth and will only be scuffed at by fools in the black community.

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Larry, do live in San Francisco or Berkeley. Go to University and MLK and watch all your brothers walk by one evenng. Then go to San Francisco to North Beach and join in on their festivities. In either place you might be mugged, raped, mugged and raped, robbed, etc etc.
These are the types of people you are advocating for so go join them and leave us alone. You are probably a fag anyway!

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G F Y!

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If she is not an American none of us are. She has had experiences most of us have had, she has delt with family problems many of us have had, and some many us never want to! And she's coped with them all with dignity and with a smile on her face, how rare and refreshing is that!
Iove that family as though they were my own!!!!!!!

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I'm with Mimatt, take'em down by any means necessary, now!

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Who amongst us would believe anything coming out of this White House except the most dumbed down low caste self professed intellectual?