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haha I'd love to, but I JUST started my blog. don't know if I would be able to attend...we shall see. I'll keep you updated.

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Don't you love Mike?! He's such a cool guy! I spent 3 days last week hanging out with the awesome people over at Michel-Schlumberger. My friend, Jim Morris was just hired there and decided to show me around. I fell in love with the place, went for their weekly Friday music and just ended up hanging out with the staff. Long story short, I went back two more days while visiting dry creek, and even helped them re-vamp their wine club flyers! Perfect end to my vacation. Now I'm back in Ohio.

It looks like we just missed each other! Would have been fun to meet. I was there the 19-21

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hmmm makes sense now why my gums were so sensitive after a week of numerous daily tastings in Sonoma county last week! Next time I go I'll bring the tums, mineral water, a good toothbrush and brush often. Luckily, I was able to kick my cupcake habit. I've moved on to dark chocolate =)