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Excellent comments. I do agree that they need to know you care. They should intrinsically know that you're coaching them for their own good - but a healthy dose of reminding them of that does go a long way.

I'm still very cautious about letting them think I'm their friend. I don't want to confuse the fundamental nature of the relationship - coach and coached - and frankly I don't like everyone I coach. I like my friends. Friend also implies that we'll have a relationship beyond the coaching experience - and that's not always true or possible (or proper).

The great thing you hit on in your last paragraph is the sense of feeling like you're part of something. This is a huge motivating factor for people and will energize them to feats of greatness - as it clearly did with you and your sales coach. Great point!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Great point Tracy. You should make it painfully easy for people to give you money. Just today I was on the website for the Detroit Free Press, trying to update my credit card info, so that I could give them money AUTOMATICALLY and it was a total pain. Ended up having to call them up. Mind bottling!

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It's funny how reluctant we can be to share our ambitions with people. People generally seem to enjoy ambitious people far more than lazy people, but we still hide our business and desire to be successful in that business like that's something to be ashamed of.

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Hardly at all.  Just general observations from pitches I've seen over the years.

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Sure, you know, when you're mind is all in a bottle.

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Here's a link to the Shaq-twitter story (http://bit.ly/shaqtweet).

Turns out Shaq isn't the only NBA Baller who's a twitterholic. Charlie Villanueva of the Milwaukee Bucks got busted by his coach for Twittering during halftime. http://bit.ly/EteOo. Teams should encourage this - not discourage it. Can you think of a more intimate connection with fans?

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That's awesome that you released these to the general public. One small suggestion: maybe put an update on this blog entry so that people realize you can actually get the extensions. Had I not read the comments, I wouldn't have realized the extension was available.

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The ability to keep your eyes on the little things can make all the difference.