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Click on the Gamedaily.biz link in my post Jonathan.

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Why do you even go into the Deleted folders folder? It's like the trash bin on a Windows or MAC PC. It's there as a safe guard but in no way limits the amount of recording space available to you. Unlike the PC trash can that must be manually deleted from time to time, The TiVo trash can needs no user intervention. There is no down side to it at all.

The interface does need a face lift and TiVo is working on one.

I too have wanted picture in picture when navigating the menus. Almost every day I mutter to myself that its not there.

But otherwise I couldn't disagree with you more. TiVo is so simple a senior citizen can use it. I otta know, my parents are in their 70s and can use it. It's one of the most intuitive interfaces out there. I love it. You are used to the way other services work. I imagine that in a month or so after you get used to it, you'll never want to live without it.


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For those outside of the U.S. that want to download this App, you can using Hotspot Shield's VPN servers. It takes only a couple minutes to set up

I describe how to do it here:



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Thanks HSA. I'm not sure if/when I'll get back to this blog. In the mean time the Video Game Law blog over at Davis LLP is the best one going - well, for as long as mine is in hiatus that is! :)



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There is no rss feed for my domain http//www.daledietrich.com itself I do, however have three feeds for each of my blogs. On the top right of every blog page is the orange rss feed icon. Click on it to add the feed for that blog to your rss reader. ...Dale

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Dan, you can resell the phone to others but you'll have to pay whatever penalties apply to leave your current plan with Rogers. I explain the details of this in another post here:



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I'm glad you find the site interesting Ann. I do not think inverting the Y axis will work for you though unless that's your normal orientaiton. If you usually play with the non-inverted Y axis, inverting it will likely make you sicker. The reason it makes me sick is because I'm used to playing EVERY game with an inverted Y axis. When I can't invert, then my brain is working the opposite way that the game forces me to move - creating instant nausea. I'd be really curious if you find a "cure". I never have. There are any number of terrific games I just had to abandon because they made me too sick to play.

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Nathan ... I too get sick while reading in a car (but not a plane). I wonder if that is another common thread between all of us that get queasy in some video games. Good point.

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Pepe, the screen might actually be relevent. I never thought of it until now. I bought a plasma HDTV about 4 years ago and games do not bother me as much as they used to. I had thought it was that games and frame-rates had improved, but part of it could also be a MUCH better screen.

My guess is that inverting the Y axis will make things worse for you. I note that when a controller does not act how I expect it too, that causes me to get nauseous quicker. One of the reasons I started this thread was in response to the inability to invert the Y-axis to my preference (see above). When my brain thinks/expects the screen to go one way and it goes the other way ... the stomach almost instantly starts to churn.

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Odd, isn't it, that it works one way for some people and another for others. I'm happy either way, just so long as there is a way to solve it for everyone.