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"the country may well disintegrate in mutual bloodletting." OMG! What has been happening there for the last ten years?? Mutual bloodletting is the norm and there is no country to disintegrate. By the way, "anarchists" should really take note: Iraq is what anarchy actually looks like. That odd peace-on-earth paradise thing "anarchists" are prone to gibber about is.. well, it's just hooey.

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Friends, don't be pickin' on J. regarding 911. There are reasons. Besides, he's the only one who's kept this art students thing on the burners all these years. If not for J. the info would have disappeared years ago. Look for the bigger picture. Get some perspective. The surest way to poison our cause is to become associated with an easily dismissable issue. I don't say wrong, I say easily dismissable. Which is exactly the case in a Bizarro World where the entire media seems to be controlled by the very culprits at question. The war is the bigger issue. It's the war that's consuming the nation. The other thing will out in time but right now these endless wars are the issue.

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Ah, don't forget Marxists always win from both ways: they are increasing the contradictions of capitalism, ie., by promoting it's worst features.. and getting filthy stinking mega-rich in the process.. then when the country is a smoking ruin they can pat themselves on the back as being responsible for that ruin. Ha! How do you counter a philosophy like that? You have to be a psychopath merely to understand it!

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Ooh, you hit a nerve there, J.. the hasbara crowd crawled out of their own tunnels on that one. You must be right on yet again.

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Well.. there IS a conspiracy to discredit Obama.. but it's being run by Obama himself and that gang of Goldman Sachs retread banksters he's surrounded himself with. I would say the con is working at 100% efficiency. At least in my neck o' the woods. The man has never been so discredited as he is as the current moment.

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No, not a Mob hit. Not at all. The Mob, the goombas, got some amount of honor. This is more like one of those doped up Columbian or Jamaican gangs that go in and slaughter the whole family.

What an irony when the Outfit has more honor than the US Government!!! What a sick tragedy. The horror! The horror!

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Gomer (above) got it right. Them other fellers, they ain't Christians at all. Personally, though I haven't the hubris to call myself a Christian, I read that book cover to cover several times and many times again through the Gospels. It's down in black and white. Them fellers love (a) money and (b) power. Those things are satanic not Christian. It's in the book. Apparently they don't actually read that book. Apparently they curse that book and recrucify Jesus every day of their rotten phoney lives. Too bad for them. They will rot in hell. That'll give 'em a good long time to think about it.

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Did Jack Kennedy get murdered because he wanted to dismember the CIA.. or because he wanted to knacker the Fed.. or because he went after the Mob.. or because he annoyed the Military-Industrial Complex.. or.. ?

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Jean Paul Sartre. Hmm. Is this that Existentialist threat I keep hearing about? Millions of wall-eyed geeks wearing black turtlenecks, carrying bongos, quoting Sarte, coming over the mountains, across the deserts.. Oooh. Scary.

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It turns out that the thinking of zombies is entirely based on children's cartoons. What is the point of referring to polls when apparently 30% of the American people are functionally illiterate?

Luckily, here in the choir, we love good preachin'. Happy (in spite of it all) Holidays. We owe it to ourselves and our loves one to carve out a bit of happiness, as much as we can.