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Yep. I did that, but that's when it exposes about 1/8th of the screen at the bottom. The image is full and stretches across the screen but a sliver is seen at the bottom exposing my desktop. Someone told me it's because I didn't have the resolution selected but I've tried a lot of different ones to no avail. The one that exposes a little of the screen at the bottom has the best quality.

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Hey! It worked! Took me a little while to finagle it right but I got it. The only thing that is happening now is that I can't seem to find the right resolution to fill the computer screen. So at the bottom of the projection (about 1/8th)
my desktop image is visible. I just made my desktop black so it wouldn't be visible. Any advice for what works best with that? THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

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I am using a 13" Macbook Pro (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB memory), with Akraos NuVJ. Then I'm connecting the laptop to a projector via VGA. The projector is a LCD Panasonic PT-LB20VU. I'm hoping to get the projector to be the fullscreen display without showing the mixing but still allowing me to see the program. THANKS!

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I'm new to a lot of this and am using NuVJ with my macbook pro (newest model). I've spent a lot of time searching for various forums that can recommend a setup, but have had no luck. What's the best way to connect to a projector without the projector showing what I'm mixing? Under preferences it won't site the projector as a display. I was hoping to not have to send it to a monitor then to a projector. Is this even possible? I have had no luck finding this question answered on any forums. Maybe this is something really obvious I just don't know. Any help is greatly appreciated!