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That's cool that you don't shop for drum loops and I do. I love drum loops & some hooks & melodies. A Company called Motion Samples is my favorite! I got bigfish "Smoker's Relight Deux", and I don't feel it was worth it's price of $199.95. ;) I got Zero G Pro Pack for $150. It's cheaper & better in my opinion. I got "The Best Of Breakbeat" from bigfish for $30 and that's great! I got "Garage And Bassline" for $19.95 made from Mowgli at bigfish and it's demo sounds cool, but the kit's don't. See I like bigfish, but I have been let down by them before. Go check out soundstosample for cheaper prices, more download options, and some extra companies you won't find at bigfish. I still like bigfish too. ;) But go check out Motion Samples "Hip Hop Genetics" and "SoulTown", they are Awesome!

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I tend to stick with breaks or drum loops only when buying sample packs. Prime Loops are ok, but I tend to be let down by anything Big Fish Audio sales. I'd place Zero-G way above them, but not at the top of my list. Which sample company do you like the best?

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I went on & got the idrum software. It's pretty cool, but it won't maximize the window so it always stays real small on my screen, argh. Another thing that irritates me is that it has no metronome. Oh well enough spending money for me hopefully for a while. Enjoy the Beat Thang vst, and I'll be enjoying my poor man's idrum vst. lol.

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Ya it looks cool. I'm thinking about just going with the idrum software for windows. $59 is more in my price range. I want to be able to bang a beat with my qwerty keyboard & load my own samples. idrum seems to be the cheapest way, but I really like the beat kangs beat thang too and their sounds impressed me on the street boxx back in the day. I might get the idrum now and the beat thang later.

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I wish I could get one, but a G is too much for me. I hope more hardware samplers come out in the future. The last I can think of before the Beat Thang was Akai's MPC 500, and that was a while back.

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I got NI Komplete installed yesterday, & my favorites are absynth & massive. The others are great too, but those 2 are my favs.

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Those synths look nice. They got some good demo songs at too.

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You are sure in the creating mood. Keep it up Bro! I've watched alot of your videos, but haven't given you comments yet.