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Yes Paul, I agree completely. All the people need is a Way to vote for Ron Paul. He needs to be a choice, not a write in and then you are right, he would win in a landslide. The Lesser of two evils, is still evil 'lite'. We've had enough of that. Penn Gillette, of Penn & Teller, talks about that lesser of two evils thing here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detai...

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We are brainwashed that Romney is GOP winner. They can’t let us see a Defender of the Constitution. We are broke, and Can't keep borrowing to fund wars undeclared. Eisenhower Warned us wars are fought for the gain of war profiteers and the politicos in their pockets… Hear Ike & JFK, on the harm in secret powers. Look into the Fed, bankrupting us for decades. Neocons and Libs fight at the whim of the elite, as the Govt - (ALL) trample the Constitution, our rights, turn our country into a police state. Please Research why they’re making Ron Paul invisible, and in spite of that, thousands turn out to hear him speak of liberty and how/why it's stolen from us. It’s not too late to restore America, Together. Govt is the problem – “it’s the economy, stupid” (again) Congress knows the Pres should Not have the huge powers he grabbed. Romney can't wait to wield them. We heard him in the debate. Ron Paul left SC campaigning, Newt took it, once "Christians" booed the Golden Rule. Ron Paul went to DC, to Start to Repeal NDAA. He went to Do His JOB, instead of campaigning! For 3 Days he was there Fighting SOPA and NDAA.

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Very Good Idea, Connie, thank you. Ban the ATF - and the Dept of Education b/c they're dumbing down our kids and indoctrinating them, making them sheeple, as they've done for decades, ever more so. I Agree with the majority of comments posted. Gov’t is Out of Control and must be stopped from usurping our freedom under the Constitution. Congress, law enforcement, military, ALL took the oath and many break it. But please see the DATE April 2011. May be a divisive effort to dredge up something defeated already. Some sites actually raise money or get paid for sending petitions or faxes to Congress about (tyranny) So, there is motive to bring up old stuff. it's important, but it may not be Timely. Distraction is a big tactic for the Powers that Shouldn’t Be. They have America trained to watch tv and to turn against each other, making so many things about race or class, that ARE NOT. Distract, Divide and Disinform – that is, tell us stuff to get us riled at each other and arguing about things, so that we fail to see the vote fraud that’s taking place for example, and that we fail to see there is no material difference betweeen republican and democrat.

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I believe many who are Clear-thinking and Logical, and also faithful Jews & Christians will think, pray, and take little visible action. It’s polarization - The more extreme one view is, the more the other moves farther out on the ‘see-saw’ to seek Balance. If the Left has the media to sell their redistribution tactics and hate, the other side will Seem more extreme, Despite that we’re a Majority, as we saw with healthtyranny. We then get quiet to Avoid being Labeled “Right-wing Nuts”. Self-fulfilling prophecy b/c the rest must speak Louder. The Left having gained a majority in Congress, we must also fight the trickle-down ignorance that trickle-down poverty engenders, along with the polarization and labels/anger. Don't underestimate Marketing and Branding – Lefties use it very well.

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Replies to this blog/post of the article are Very insightful. Thank God for Thinkers. My fear for America is we won’t Act on that in proportion. Those with the Solutions are busy Thinking, Working, Reading, Praying - and lack the Time to Act, to be Seen and Heard. We may see action as Forcing others to see “our” Reality. There is only One reality - and we Must be Seen and Heard – or risk the more vocal and Ignorant, with an Agenda and control of the MSM, over-running the actual Majority, as they did in Congress. Thinkers and workers, readers and prayers, are Doing Those things – and probably not Vocal or Visible enough.
Those who Work, on average have Far Fewer Children, because We provide for them. Our socio-eonomic differences may account for more than religion, but the view of Left as a religion is valid, in my opin. Those least fit to direct government prevail in numbers.
More Entitled parents have more children, paid for "by the rich".
Actually the Middle class pays most. Takers soon outnumber Payers - The Argentina syndrome. The state being the purveyor of hatred toward those who work/are taxed, it's a self-defeating system.